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Saint Waxman

Posted by Charles II on April 27, 2007

Watching the hearings yesterday, I was struck by how steady-on Henry Waxman is.

The basic story is that Lurita Doan, Administrator of the GSA, gave a Powerpoint presentation on government property to government employees with slides that said, in effect, here is how you should help GOP candidates. Automatic violation of the Hatch Act. With the discovery that White House aides had e-mail accounts at the RNC, which they were using improperly to conduct government business, at least one of which had to do with Doan, Waxman wanted to request subpoenas of pertinent e-mails from the RNC.

The performance the Republicans put on was, frankly, disgraceful. We expect representatives to defend their party. But when there are clear indications of crimes and violations, we expect them to set aside party and let the truth come out. Instead, Darrell Issa, Tom Davis, and Dan Burton spent hours throwing procedural monkey wrenches– which they knew would do nothing to stop the subpoenas– into the process. Their own members were so disheartened that only 8-10 of them could be kept in the room for the voting. And Waxman presided over it all with perfect aplomb, rolling the Publicans again and again on the votes… and keeping his members in the room.

The most embarrassing moment for this nation was Dan Burton reviewing the campaign finance scandals of the 1990s and how they had to issue subpoenas because people were leaving the country (to go back tp their homes). He failed to mention that all of this sturm und drang resulted in convictions on campaign finance violations, mostly settled with fines and probation. Thewhole 9 yards is here. It was a bipartisan scandal, though Democrats got the largest contributions and, justly, the largest part of the blame; how Haley Barbour escaped the net is beyond me. 

There was no evidence ever of Burton’s fever dreams of the Chinese government buying atomic secrets from the Clinton Administration in exchange for almond-eyed interns. Or whatever.

Mercifully, Burton ended with this comment (I paraphrase): “The Chairman’s memory of these events may differ.” 

Waxman resisted making any response at all. 

D–n that man is good.


3 Responses to “Saint Waxman”

  1. MEC said

    Your post reminded me of the Honorable Mr. Waxman’s masterful handling of Victoria Toensing. He listened gravely while she spewed all her usual talking points about Valerie Plame, then reminded her that, unlike her TV appearances, her Congressional testimony would be fact-checked.

  2. And the blood drained from Toensing’s face when she heard him say that.

    Waxman’s good. He doesn’t get distracted by Bright Shiny Objects, but focuses on what’s important.

  3. I didn’t see that hearing but I saw Waxman the week before and he was great. So good to have investigations and someone taking the rule of law seriously

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