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They Lie Without Consequence: Lou Dobbs Edition

Posted by Phoenix Woman on May 11, 2007


(Image from Over the Hegemon.)

Moral leper Lou Dobbs refuses to back down from, much less apologize for, promoting racist garbage lies as fact.

Now remember, when Paul Krugman — an opinion columnist, not a reporter — cited in good faith a Jason Leopold story on Thomas “Enron” White that it turned out Leopold couldn’t prove to everyone’s satisfaction, Krugman apologized.  (Leopold’s account of events is here.)

Bear in mind that opinion columnists are supposed to be held to lower standards of “truthiness” than the folks in the news room.  But for Krugman and the other non-conservative writers out there, the bar is set on top of Mount Everest — whereas for conservative pundits like Lou “I Lie And You Can’t Stop Me” Dobbs, former Nixon Administration speechwriter William “Saddam-Atta-Prague” Safire (who from 1995 until he retired from the New York Times  in 2005 was the co-chair of the freaking Pulitzer Board), Debra J. “Patrick Fitzgerald is EEEEVILLL!!!” Saunders, Glenn “Mexican immigrants are dirtbags” Beck,  and pretty much any other Con you can name, the bar’s long ago been dropped and lost in the Marianas Trench.  In fact, Krugman is held to a higher standard than fellow NYT employee, and alleged journalist, Jeff Gerth, who has never been made to apologize for his bogus Whitewater and Wen Ho Lee “reporting”.

And let’s not even mention former NYT alleged reporter Judith Miller, who is a big fat liar.  Otherwise, we’ll be here all day.

13 Responses to “They Lie Without Consequence: Lou Dobbs Edition”

  1. spocko said

    You know when I listen to what the people on talk radio say I listen for things that are especially egregious. I don’t bother to list the name calling and untruths. Why? Because I’d be at it all day.
    There is absolutely no penalty for lying on those shows.. And when you call them on an untruth? They cry. “Those bloggers are picking on me.”
    I’ll listen to the next 10 minutes to see just how many untruths they tell. I’m guessing at least 2.

  2. lucy said

    leopold was and is right. His book has Krugman’s emails and Howell Raines’s and it’s clear what happened. I don’t understand why no one picked up on it

  3. Charles said

    I think it’s an accepted part of journalism that reporters (and opinion columnists) will make mistakes.

    What’s not accepted is that they will arrogantly deny that they they said what they said.

    Or, rather, we DFHs don’t accept it. Journalists, pundits, and the rest of the Washington Craptocracy seem to accept it completely.

  4. anon said

    Well, thanks for crediting my Photoshop work. hope you enjoy my site as well. cheers, anon

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  6. lucy said

    right. But what if it’s not a mistake, which is the case with Leopold, and the Times just didnt feel like pissing off the army. The stuff that leopold reported was revealed as fact by federal prosecutors during the skilling trial. but nobody apologized to him at that point

  7. Charles said

    Do you have a link for that, Lucy?

    I’ve always felt that Leopold got the bum’s rush by Salon. On the other hand, he also got the blogosphere revved up over imminent indictments by Fitzpatrick, so I’ve felt conflicted.

  8. lucy said

    It’s in the Skilling indictment. Here is the link which also includes a link to the PDF of the indictment.

    I think Leopold was reporting something that was factual on Rove and Fitzgerald. For crying out loud look at the mess Rove is in now with the US attorneys. My money is on the guy who is trying to get to the truth. Leopold for his flaws deserves some merit. I don’t think he was trying to rev up the blogs.

  9. Charles said

    Lucy, the link doesn’t specifically mention Thomas White, though it does state that earning at White’s EES division were manipulated. In a legal sense it doesn’t prove White was guilty, though we may well believe he was.

    I think it’s fair to say, especially in light of recent history, that Jason Leopold’s writing was subjected to a higher standard than that of Judith Miller or a host of other NYT writers. But those who challenge power are always subjected to a higher standard. It was wrong of the major media to stifle the investigation of Enron by attacking a reporter, but I think I understand Salon’s position. They hadn’t checked his story closely enough before publication, so they sacrificed him later. That’s how corporations work: everone is expendable.

  10. whig said

    The reason they lie is they are paid to lie. The reason the truth tellers are punished is they are paid to lie.

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  12. lucy said

    every reporter needs an editor. And if Salon failed to do its job then they shouldn’t have thrown Leopold under the bus. What I found fascinating is the emails between Leopold and Krugman that Leopold included in his book. Basically, Krugman tells Leopold that Krugman “needed to take a bullet for the Times” even though Krugman called all of Leopold’s sources and verified Leopold’s story. Krugman said Howell Raines told him they shouldn’t be questioning the secretary of the army when the nation is preparing for war. Of course, it makes sense if you think about it. The Times was running Judith Miller’s bogus stories during this time so of course they wouldn’t want to attack the Army Sec.

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