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TILT! Google starts psychoprofiling gamers.

Posted by Charles II on May 11, 2007

David Adam and Bobbie Johnson in The Guardian:

Internet giant Google has drawn up plans to compile psychological profiles of millions of web users by covertly monitoring the way they play online games.

The company thinks it can glean information about an individual’s preferences and personality type by tracking their online behaviour, which could then be sold to advertisers. Details such as whether a person is more likely to be aggressive, hostile or dishonest could be obtained and stored for future use, it says….

The plans are detailed in a patent filed by Google in Europe and the US last month. It says people playing online role playing games such as Second Life and World of Warcraft would be particularly good to target, because they interact with other players and make decisions that probably reflect their behaviour in real life.

The patent says: “User dialogue (eg from role playing games, simulation games, etc) may be used to characterise the user (eg literate, profane, blunt or polite, quiet etc). Also, user play may be used to characterise the user (eg cautious, risk-taker, aggressive, non-confrontational, stealthy, honest, cooperative, uncooperative, etc).”

This is the sort of lunacy data mining leads to. In the hands of government, it leads to arresting people for having a No Blood for Oil bumpersticker. In the hands of corporations, it can lead to denying people employment because their dees slouch, or whatever. 

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  1. whig said

    And they were supposed to not be evil.

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