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Iraq refugees strain Damascus, Beirut, Cairo

Posted by Charles II on May 13, 2007

Nir Rosen in the NYT magazine  (via t/o) writes an article well worth reading in full:

At a meeting in mid-April in Geneva, held by António Guterres, the United Nations high commissioner for refugees, the numbers presented confirmed what had long been suspected: the collapse of Iraq had created a refugee crisis, and that crisis was threatening to precipitate the collapse of the region. The numbers dwarfed anything that the Middle East had seen since the dislocations brought on by the establishment of Israel in 1948. In Syria, there were estimated to be 1.2 million Iraqi refugees. There were another 750,000 in Jordan, 100,000 in Egypt, 54,000 in Iran, 40,000 in Lebanon and 10,000 in Turkey. The overall estimate for the number of Iraqis who had fled Iraq was put at two million by Guterres. The number of displaced Iraqis still inside Iraq’s borders was given as 1.9 million. This would mean about 15 percent of Iraqis have left their homes.

Chaos is the plan.

9 Responses to “Iraq refugees strain Damascus, Beirut, Cairo”

  1. whig said

    Besides, how much depleted uranium has been dumped on the place?

  2. Charles said

    Heaven knows, whig.

    I am hopeful that the actual damage will be less than is feared. There is experience with prolonged exposure to natural uranium ore, and while it does support the idea of increased illness, it’s not at the catastrophic levels that some of the DU analysts think. But this is the kind of thing that gives me the shivers. We know we have committed genocide against the present generation of Iraqis. But we may have committed genocide against all future generations as well.

  3. whig said

    I think the question is how we stop this infernal machine without letting civilization be destroyed by it first.

  4. whig said

    I know it seems too simple, but cannabis prohibition has a lot to do with it. We wouldn’t depend on petrochemicals, at any rate, if we could grow cannabis hemp.

  5. Charles said

    I dunno, whig.

    All that driving to the 7-11 to pick up munchies? It could add up.

  6. whig said

    Yeah and black people have nappy hair. What is that really supposed to mean, Charles?

  7. Charles said


    Color me baffled, whig.

  8. The one thing wrong with saying that chaos is the plan is that it implies that there was a plan in the first place. I suspect that there was more wishful thinking than anything else.

  9. whig said

    The reference to “driving to the 7-11 to pick up munchies” was meant as a joke, I’m sure, but it is insulting in the same way as making a joke about a black person’s “nappy hair.” It has nothing to do with the fact that cannabis hemp is an excellent renewable source of oil that can replace petrochemicals, and oil is at the base of the invasion and occupation of Iraq.

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