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Monday Afternoon News Roundup

Posted by Phoenix Woman on May 21, 2007



Suhpraiiiz, Suhpraiiiz, Suhpraiiiz! In finest fox-guarding-henhouse tradition (h/t Mahablog), the Bush Junta stacked the Department of Justice’s Civil Rights Division with people like Bradley Schlotzman and Hans von Spakovsky, who not only worked to suppress minority voter turnout, but helped Bush get out of paying the Federal Elections Commission the $40 million he owes for going massively over the spending limits in the 2004 campaign.

A Fair(y) Use Tale (or: Why Michael Eisner and the Disney Corporation Suck Eggs).

— From the They Can Dish It Out But They Can’t Take It Wing of the Republican Hypocrisy Brigade (h/t Nitpicker):  The same people whining about Carter’s sharp and informed criticisms of Bush the Younger (and who whined about Clinton doing the same) on the pretext that “former presidents don’t criticize sitting ones” seem to have forgotten Reagan’s criticisms of Clinton (who barely had time to warm his chair in the Oval Office before Captain Senile or a ghostwriter penned a blast against Clinton called “There They Go Again” that ran in the New York Times), not to mention Bush the Elder’s attacks on Clinton, which were made barely nine months after Clinton took office (and despite Bush I’s promise to leave Clinton alone for at least a year).  But of course, the Clinton Rules are still in effect.


3 Responses to “Monday Afternoon News Roundup”

  1. Charles said

    The Justice Department is so completely corrupt that we could improve it by swapping its leadership with the inmates of San Quentin.

  2. MEC said

    The inmates of San Quentin would probably be a lot more interested in protecting our civil rights, for starters.

  3. Point

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