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Tapped out: Saudi oilfield nearing exhaustion?

Posted by Charles II on May 21, 2007

Northern Ghawar oilfield

The above rendition of the Northern Ghawar oilfield is from Stuart Staniford at The Oil Drum (via James Hamilton at EconBrowser; the discussion there may be a little easier to follow). The left hand panel is a false color map showing the original deposit. As the field has been pumped, water has been injected in. The right hand panel includes modeling of gas deposits. The central map shows oil without the modeling of gas.

The Northern Ghawar field produces half of Saudi oil. The southern field can continue producing for decades, but Staniford believes that Saudi production is in irreversible decline.

5 Responses to “Tapped out: Saudi oilfield nearing exhaustion?”

  1. And as Hugo Chavez gets his ultra-heavy crude reserves refined with Chinese and Indian help, the balance of power gradually shifts from US client states with a few thousand hyper-rich ruling over hundreds of millions of not-at-all rich, to a place whose leader believes in feeding, clothing, doctoring and educating his people and those of other nations.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: It must really chap the Bushies’ hides that a red-blooded peasant like Chavez can outsmart them at every turn.

  2. Charles said

    It chaps my hide that George W. has outsmarted the American people at every turn.

    But, yeah, the American empire is in decline, and it could only have happened because arrogance, incompetence, greed, shortsightedness, and simple stupidity have been enthroned.

  3. It chaps my hide that George W. has outsmarted the American people at every turn.

    He had a lot of help, especially in the sort of corporate press where someone like the organized-labor-hating, environment-despising Cokie Roberts is considered a “liberal”.

  4. THIS one is YOU!

  5. Charles said

    You’ve been SPYING on me, Cassie! :-)

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