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And the Award goes to … Dick Morris!

Posted by Charles II on May 24, 2007

Why is David Sirota picking on Dick Morris? Militarization of conflict worked out well in Iraq, didn’t it?

The Sociopath of the Week award goes to those in the media and political world …”whose behavior is antisocial and who lacks a sense of moral responsibility or social conscience.” This week’s award goes to Bill Clinton/GOP strategist Dick Morris. In an effort to push the lobbyist-written Colombia Free Trade Agreement, Morris writes in the fringe-right-wing Front Page Magazine that Colombia President Álvaro Uribe “is a democratic beacon to counter the fog of oppression that is rolling across Latin America.”

Even Sirota seems unaware of the full extent of Uribe’s involvement in mass murder and mayhem. Then again, neither does The WaPo, whose Juan Forero knows about this:

“Zully Codina was a mother, veteran hospital worker and union activist. The last role was the one that cost Codina her life at the hands of paramilitary death squads, whose records show they collaborated with the country’s intelligence service to liquidate her and other union activists.

Codina was killed on Nov. 11, 2003, when a gunman pumped three bullets into her head moments after she kissed her family goodbye and walked out of her Santa Marta home. Her murder remains unsolved, as do those of the vast majority of the 400 union members killed since President Álvaro Uribe took office in 2002.”

but writes with a straight face this:

“Uribe now says he did not know about Noguera’s paramilitary ties.”

As the COHA link shows, Uribe is, effectively, the overall commander of the paramilitaries.

But you’re not supposed to know that.

5 Responses to “And the Award goes to … Dick Morris!”

  1. Thanks, Charles! I sure didn’t know that.

  2. whig said

    How big of a threat is Blackwater and who controls it?

  3. Charles said

    I would call a completely unaccountable mercenary army armed with heavy weapons and led by a guy whose sanity seems questionable to be a concern, whig.
    Edit: The head of Blackwater is Erik Prince, about whom Jeremy Scahill says:
    “Erik Prince comes from a very wealthy rightwing Christian dynasty in the town of Holland, Michigan. His father was a man named Edgar Prince, who was a sort of pull-yourself-up-by-your-bootstraps capitalist. He built up an empire called the Prince Manufacturing Corp., and they manufactured auto parts, serviced the auto industry. And, in fact, what the company is perhaps best known for was for creating the now-ubiquitous lighted sun visor. So when you pull down the visor in your car and it lights up, that’s the Prince family’s invention. And it was a very profitable business.
    And so, young Erik Prince grew up in this very heady atmosphere that mixed the sort of free-market gospel with the literal Christian gospel. His family, they were strict Calvinists. And Erik Prince was political at a very early age and watched as his father used his company as a cash-generating engine to fuel the rise of what we now know as the religious right in this country, as well as the Republican Revolution of 1994. His father gave the seed money to Gary Bauer to found the Family Research Council. Young Erik Prince was in the first crop of interns to serve at the Family Research Council. They gave significant funding to James Dobson and his group Focus on the Family, which is now sort of the premier evangelical organizing network in this country, the “prayer warriors.”
    And what’s interesting is that Erik Prince’s sister Betsy married into another powerhouse Michigan family, perhaps the single greatest bankroller of the Republican Revolution: Dick DeVos’s Amway Corporation. Erik Prince’s sister married Dick DeVos, the heir to the Amway fortune. And Amway was a company that sold home services products and sort of was accused of running the operation like a cult and using their marketers to not only sell their products, but to sell their political agenda, the rise of the sort of Christian right and Republican Revolution.”

  4. whig said

    How’s Dexter Yeager doing these days?

  5. whig said

    Interesting, perhaps.

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