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Impeach the Congress!

Posted by Charles II on May 24, 2007

No, we can’t do that. But rather than hyperventilating about the Democratic betrayal, we can support candidates to present a primary challenge to members who are out of touch.

Really, it’s only a few dozen Democrats, some in very blue districts, that cause the problems. In the House, my personal top picks for retirement are David Obey, Charlie Rangel, Al Wynn, William Jefferson, and Jane Harman.  (I hate including Rangel, who is tremendously engaging and is in many ways one of the Dems best spokesmen.) With some thought, I could come up with another dozen names. I would stay away from trying to replace Blue Dogs like Gene Taylor unless very, very attractive candidates appear.

Keith Olbermann writes great political commentary. His scathing denunciation of the Democrats felt nice. But rather than issue broadsides, I’d prefer he ran for office.

6 Responses to “Impeach the Congress!”

  1. Al Wynn, most definitely. Emanuel and Hoyer should go, but they’re untouchable unless they’re caught in bed with eight-year-olds. Wynn, however, is very touchable, as Donna Edwards showed last year. And he voted for the bankruptcy bill, which I personally think is a far bigger betrayal than voting for the supplemental.

  2. Charles said

    Yes. As long as we stay practical and focus on getting rid of the least desirable Democrats– and that includes Iraq, the bankruptcy bill, fast track, personal ethics, and any other issue that is important in the members’ district, as long as we insist that any proposed replacement be measurably (or imaginably) better than the incumbent, I think this can be a positive step.

  3. Exactly.

  4. Bill said

    Yeah, lets support cool Blue America candidates, like the ones who all voted with Bush when it mattered, as opposed to the presidential candidates who voted against Bush when it did not matter.

  5. And your solution is, Bill? Other than hollering?

  6. Charles said

    PW has a point, Bill.

    I’d be happy to support a third-party… if they could win a congressional seat or a senatorial seat and hold it long enough to learn how things get done, build a national network, and then take on the system. But the Greens can’t even win a congressional seat! And the Libertarians, Contitutionalists, Natural Law Party, etc. tend to be even scarier than the Republicans.

    What I am saying is that people should elect candidates that they like. If those get co-opted, fine, kick ’em out.

    The toilet in Washington is full enough that it’s going to take a number of flushes.

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