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Why I Call Them “The GOP/Media Complex”, Part 2343295

Posted by Phoenix Woman on May 29, 2007


On the May 27th edition of This Week on ABC, Los Angeles Times reporter Ron Brownstein referred to an unnamed recent “detailed” poll on national security from an unnamed new “think tank” that showed that Americans “still trusted Republicans more to keep the country safe on most questions”.

Too bad he didn’t bother to name the poll, so that he could prove that he didn’t just make it up out of thin air and/or the GOP talking points that pretty much every other reporter with a berth at a major paper are regularly sent.

Meanwhile, in the reality-based community, we find a recent Rasmussen Reports tracking survey that shows that Americans actually trusted Democrats more to protect the country — the exact opposite of what Brownstein’s invisible “detailed” poll claimed. (And Rasmussen is a Republican pollster.)

Gee, Ron, most of us gave up our imaginary friends well before we hit puberty. But now, to go along with your unnamed sources that spew nonsense, you have to give us unnamed polls spewing nonsense as well. How convenient.

[UPDATE:  If you want yet another example from the LAT of how the GOP/Media Complex works, Nancy Cleeland, who is leaving the Los Angeles Times, explains how the paper’s conservative-coddling editors and owners have trashed a paper that once aspired to national greatness.]

2 Responses to “Why I Call Them “The GOP/Media Complex”, Part 2343295”

  1. Bill said

    I keep thinking how terrified the GOP/MSM must be of the internet and blogs. I would bet sooner or later there will be a sustained effort to sell/regulate or subvert.

  2. There is indeed, Bill. To fight it, go here:

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