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Another New Bush Nixonian-Style Power Grab?

Posted by Phoenix Woman on May 30, 2007


Probably not, say the experts.  Still, it doesn’t hurt to pay attention.  Remember, these are the people who decided they could misuse and abuse signing statements to get around Congress and the American people.

3 Responses to “Another New Bush Nixonian-Style Power Grab?”

  1. Bill said

    will the signing statements ever be tested for legality? Seems a violation to me when the legislative branch passes a law and the executive “interprets” through adding narrative.

  2. Charles said

    That’s an interesting question, Bill.

    I think that they will only be tested if a lawsuit arises around one of the laws for which a signing statement was issued and the Justice Department alleges that its behavior was permitted because of the signing statement.

    Challenging the constitutionality is a very high bar to cross, because it’s a dispute of the branches of government. In such cases, the courts usually abstain from intervening.

    This is yet another reason to impeach Bush. If he is impeached over signing statements, the Congress will have spoken on the constitutionality, and the courts will tend to lean against signing statements.

  3. Bill said

    What will be the “harm” test …… I sure would not know until after the fact if then. does anyone know what a signing statement looks like? …… is it Bush’s interpretation of what the law means to him or to the citizens? Is it just a spoiled kid needing to get the last word?

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