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Friday Cat Blogging

Posted by MEC on June 1, 2007

Black cats are the best. Any black cat will tell you that.

I’m certainly not going to argue the point with Lady Lightfoot, who is ruler of all she surveys.

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Or with Special Guest Cats Zenobia and Camilla.

Zenobia hates us all. It’s nothing personal, though.

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Camilla knows it’s All Our Fault that the sun moved while she was sleeping.

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The catstaff of Zenobia and Camilla is cjgriffin of Salon’s Table Talk.


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Mexico, 6/1/2007. Three candles, a cross, and a red flag: The Mexican “Anvil”

Posted by Charles II on June 1, 2007

From Reforma (via SdP), The Anvil (the word “Yunque” also means “fortitude” or “constancy”): 

Summary: A clandestine film has been released showing an initiation ceremony for a new member. Dressed in white shirt and red tie and armband, they shout “God, Country, Anvil!” At each shout, the speaker thumps the table. The initiate is told “You deserved to come here. You were chosen and today become part of The Elect. Our fight is one of [Christian people] who, in the grand sweep of history, have consecrated their lives to install the reign of Christ on Earth…. we are a militia and our fight requires control and discipline.

You can watch it in three parts on You Tube. The organization is reported to penetrate high into the Mexican government.

And here’s a Telemundo piece from September of 2006 in which the Yunque is called “the invisible army” and “the Army of God,” and in which high officials of the Fox government are named as participants.

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Things That Make Me Say “Hm”

Posted by MEC on June 1, 2007

Top Bush aide Dan Bartlett resigns

He’s resigning for the classic reason, “to spend more time with his family”.

Bartlett’s been a Bush minion since the first time Dubya ran for governor. (My kneejerk reaction to the name is “AWOL”.) Maybe it’s just time for him to move on, or maybe he’s seeing the pileup at the end of the tunnel. Hmm.

He’s retained “Washington lawyer” Robert Barnett to help him in his job search. Maybe it’s normal for people like Bartlett to involve a high-powered attorney in their job search. But hmmm.

Barnett is also Paul Wolfowitz’s attorney, by the way. Hmmmm.

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Posted by Phoenix Woman on June 1, 2007

Going off to where more of the wild honeysuckle columbine grows.  I leave you in the capable hands of MEC and Charles until Sunday.

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