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It’s Time for Rep. Jefferson to Resign

Posted by MEC on June 4, 2007

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William Jefferson (D-LA) was indicted today on federal charges of racketeering, money-laundering and soliciting bribes.

I am not surprised by the indictment. The man was videotaped taking a bribe; and he had $90,000 stashed in his freezer, not the usual place honest people keep large sums of money.

Two factors, however, complicate this case: An FBI raid on Jefferson’s Congressional office is being challenged as unconstitutional. And any action against a Democrat by any U.S. attorney the Busheviks chose not to fire gives rise to suspicions of partisan motivation.

Still, William Jefferson is now under indictment. The Democratic Party is not the party of Tom DeLay. If Mr. Jefferson doesn’t resign from Congress today, Nancy Pelosi should demand his resignation.

9 Responses to “It’s Time for Rep. Jefferson to Resign”

  1. markg8 said

    From his bio:

    “Jefferson is an active and senior member of the powerful Ways and Means Committee and its subcommittee on Trade. He is also a member of the House Committee on the Budget.”

    You’ll notice it doesn’t say he’s chairman of the Ways and Means Committee or the House Committee on the Budget. You know why that is? Because last year when the FBI raided hs office Pelosi stripped him of his leadership positions.

    The Democratic party did it’s best to oust him in the primary and run off elections but the people down there don’t much trust outsiders telling them who to elect I guess.

    Contrast that with Denny Hastert’s shrieking over the raid on Jefferson’s office and his years’ long cover up of Mark Foley’s scandals. And how about Boehner appointing Ken Calvert to the Appropriations’ Committee when John Doolittle had to step down pending his indictment? Turns out the FBI is delving into Calvert’s records too. Jerry Lewis, House Appropriations ranking member is not long for congress either.

    If you’re keeping score at home here’s some info for you:

    Congress.Org Jefferson’s Power Rank Standings

    Power Ranking: 439
    Power Score: -2.50
    Rank in Chamber: 439
    Rank in State: 7
    Rank in Party: 237
    Rank in Class of 1990: 19
    Past Power Rankings
    2005 Rankings: 412 2006 Rankings: 436

    Man he’s last in the party and the entire chamber! This guy not only has less pull than any Democrat or Republican but with a -2.50 power rating he could probably cause your bill to spontaneously burst into flames by glancing approvingly at it!

    Compare that to 4th ranking Repub Jerry Lewis Power Rank Standings

    Power Ranking: 118
    Power Score: 19.53
    Rank in Chamber: 118
    Rank in State: 19
    Rank in Party: 4
    Rank in Class of 1978: 1

    Lewis is probably going to retire next year before of course he’s indicted in the Duke Cunningham – DOD scandal. Like the disgraced traitor Duke – and that’s what people who bilk the national security apparatus of the US ought to be considered – Lewis is going to find out that resigning doesn’t make much difference to honest feds (but who knows how many of those are left in Gonzales’s DOJ?) when it comes to felony charges.

    And yet there sits Lewis as ranking minority member on the Appropriations Committee. 4th most powerful Repub and 118th most powerful member in the House.

    Why doesn’t Boehner force him to step down? LOL, have you seen the Republican House caucus? Replacing Jesse James with Billy the Kid isn’t going to curb crime in Dodge City.

  2. MEC said

    Thanks for all that information, Mark. I remember when Pelosi stripped Jefferson of his leadership positions. Contrast that with the Republicans trying to rewrite the rules so DeLay could stay in power in spite of his indictment.

    We know, however, that this notable contrast with the Republicans’ response to scandal in their midst and the greater number of indicted and/or disgraced Republicans won’t stop The Usual Suspects from citing Jefferson as proof that the Democrats, not the Republicans, are the Party Of Scandal.

  3. markg8 said

    Yeah MEC I just informed some wingnut of the DeLay rule over at Wizbang where they’re trying to claim Jefferson is a power on the Homeland Security Committee, LOL. He was never seated on the committee. Some idiot named Don Surber also tried to say Jefferson was never in line to be chairman of Ways and Means, it was Obey’s job in 1994 and he reclaimed it in 2007. Which is funny because I sent the link to the Ways and means website and neither Obey or Jefferson are even listed as being on that committee either.

    Dumb and dumber. Well off to set soem more morons straight.

  4. Charles said

    A much more fitting punishment would be to require him to change parties.

    I’ll be the contrarian here. The government’s use of leaks to stir public indignation and the lengthy period required to obtain an indictment suggest that there are serious flaws to the case.
    I doubt Jefferson will be convicted. It seems very likely that any attempted bribery was to get him to influence a foreign government. Since he had business dealings, he had means to do that without using his official capacity.
    Add to that the cloud of what I believe was an unconstitutionally-conducted search, and I predict he walks.
    Here’s what his attorney says:
    “Even after they turned over every rock, they did not allege in this indictment that the former member of the powerful House Ways and Means committee promised anybody any legislation,” Jefferson’s attorney Trout said. “There is no suggestion that he promised anyone any appropriations. There were no earmarks. There were no government contracts.”
    Ultimately, that is what the case hinges on, not on where he stores his money.

  5. markg8 said

    I read about half the 95 page indictment. I was looking for exactly that. Earmarks, appropriations, ExAm bank loans – the bank was mentioned in the cast of players at the front but I didn’t see anything in the part I read. I couldn’t find any mention where he screwed the taxpayers out of any money. He allegedly tried to suck bribes out of both sides of the deals but apparently he was doing run of the mill influence peddling acting as a sales rep for various American companies and set up some shell companies to receive the cash.

    It’s the kind of thing the Carlyle Group and Bechtel does every day but they have a much better inside track to bigtime corporate welfare that greases the skids. I’d say too that most of those guys at least had the decency to retire from office before they worked the other side but then who would I be kidding? Just look at Cheney.

  6. MEC said

    As I said, the case is complicated (read: compromised) by the U.S. Attorney scandal. It’s not at all unreasonable to suspect that Jefferson is being pursued because he’s a Democrat, and the Busheviks need to have a “corrupt Democrat” to deflect attention from Republican suspicion.

  7. Charles said

    So, MEC, what about the idea of allowing him to stay on on condition he re-register as a Republican?

  8. MEC said

    “So, MEC, what about the idea of allowing him to stay on on condition he re-register as a Republican?”

    Nah. The so-called liberal media would continue referring to him as a Democrat.

  9. Charles said

    Yeah, prolly.

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