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Bushevik Values

Posted by MEC on June 14, 2007


If you don’t like the ruling, threaten the judge and his family.

The federal judge who oversaw I. Lewis “Scooter” Libby’s CIA leak trial said Thursday that he received threatening letters and phone calls after sentencing the former White House aide to prison.

“I received a number of angry, harassing mean-spirited phone calls and letters,” U.S. District Judge Reggie B. Walton said. “Some of those were wishing bad things on me and my family.”

The Bushevik idea of diplomacy is making threats if other countries don’t do what Bush wants. Their idea of public discourse is threatening and punishing people who say things they don’t like. So now we see their idea of the rule of law is making threats if the judge upholds laws they find inconvenient.

I’m not surprised, how about you?


6 Responses to “Bushevik Values”

  1. I’m not surprised, either.

    Of course, the threats to Judge Walton will not get anywhere as much media play as Fred Thompson’s pro-Scooter lobbyist bogosities.

  2. Karen said

    No surprise here, either. That’s how the Mafia operates, and the Bushies certainly behave like organized criminals — so… which brings us to the news that Bush seems to be pocket vetoing the bill passed by Congress to correct the flaws in the Patriot Act Reauthorization … and that our top law enforcer, Gonzales, is continuing on as if nothing could stop him (he may be right).

    Happy news: Judge Walton is sending Libby to jail! Is there still a glimmer of hope for justice in America? Maybe, but don’t hold your breath.

  3. doran said

    Thinking back to when Sen. Cornyn spoke on the Senate floor, suggesting it was reasonable that some people would make threats to “activist” judges, maybe somone should ask if Cornyn or his staff made one of those telephone calls to Judge Walton.

  4. MEC said

    “maybe somone should ask if Cornyn or his staff made one of those telephone calls to Judge Walton.”

    I was thinking they should check for Rove’s fingerprints on the threatening letters, but then I remembered that Rove’s clever enough to wear gloves. Or get somebody else to do the work.

  5. Charles said

    It must hurt the trolls, the kind of people that write nasty letters to Walton, that no one cares what they think any more.

  6. MEC said

    Maybe some people care what they think, but Judge Walton isn’t one of them. I would have predicted that. He didn’t care much for what Libby’s hotshot lawyer and all the powerful politicians behind Libby thought, either.

    Judge Walton just cares about the law. How refreshing.

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