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In Which I Agree (for the most part) With The Cato Institute

Posted by Phoenix Woman on July 3, 2007

George Antoinette

(Portrait of Georgine “L’droit, c’est moi!” Antoinette from the Tuileriles, ca. 1789.) 

I’m scared.

Here’s a portion of a piece from the Cato Institute with which I largely agree: Commute THESE Sentences, Mr. President

Mandy Martinson — 15 years for helping her boyfriend count his drug-dealing money.

DeJarion Echols — 20 years for selling a small amount of crack and owning a gun, causing Reagan-appointed federal judge Walter S. Smith, Jr. to say, “This is one of those situations where I’d like to see a congressman sitting before me.”

Weldon Angelos — 55 years for minor marijuana and gun charges, causing the George W. Bush-appointed judge Paul Cassell, previously best known for pressing the courts to overturn the Miranda decision, to call the mandatory sentence in this case “unjust, cruel, and even irrational.”

Anthea Harris — 15 years when members of her husband’s drug ring received sentence reductions to testify against her, although she had not been directly involved in the business.

5 Responses to “In Which I Agree (for the most part) With The Cato Institute”

  1. Charles said

    I’d happily trade Scooter for all the nonviolent drug offenders behind bars. Of course, I’d happily trade him for a horse muffin, too.

  2. Or a meadow muffin.

  3. Conservative Paper Cites Clinton to Criticize Bush

    I’d stay inside today, as the skies are teaming with pigs. If you must venture out, take a sturdy umbrella to deflect airborne droppings. The hyper-conservative Washington Times editorial page partly broke from its shrieking crowd re: President Bush’…

  4. Charles said

    They’re probably just maumauing, BNP. Rattling the tree for more favors for Father Moon.

  5. Speaking of Sentencing Guidelines…

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