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Mitch Berg, Agent Proshlockateur

Posted by Phoenix Woman on July 3, 2007


Long ago, Molly Ivins pointed out that the Republicans were habitual practicers and cultivators of the psychological tic known as “projection”, wherein one blames other people for one’s own thoughts and deeds.

Today I’d like to introduce you to Mitch Berg, local Republican radio host and owner of the “Shot In The Dark” blog. Mitchie-poo wants to have it both ways: He wants to stamp his widdle feet and blame lefty protesters for any and all acts of violence at the upcoming Republican National Convention, while at the same time happily discussing the 2008 convention plans of himself and his buddies at “Protest Warrior“, whose members like to go around doing stupid things while pretending to be lefty protesters.

28 Responses to “Mitch Berg, Agent Proshlockateur”

  1. […] blogging is such a concentrated melange of leftyblog/”activist”/identifeminist cliches, delivered with a caricaturish frothing perma-ire, that I can only figure that she’s an incredibly elaborate parody, done by a fiendishly […]

  2. “identifeminist”? Good Lord, there’s nothing like right-wing word salad, is there? These guys’ abuse of the language would shock even Orwell.

  3. Tild said

    Psst, hey PW — now I think we’re supposed to be shocked and awed by the devastating yet also muy macho impenetrability of his super extreme erudition. Or sumpthin’.

    You know how much Mitch looks to us for approval. Better play along or you’re gonna hurt the li’l tad’s feelings.

  4. MEC said

    But Tild, if he’s all macho ‘n’ shit, he doesn’t have feelings!

  5. Mitch Berg is the ultimate Eddie Haskell Republican, MEC. He’ll fling a turd bomb, then when his targets react as any sane humans would react, starts cloaking himself in the mantle of victimhood — what nowadays is known as “pulling a Reverse Malkin”. (Remember what Rugellos Maase was like? That’s Mitch to a T.)

  6. Tild said

    Yes, now it can be revealed: the no-feelings all-macho ‘n’ shit pose is just that. A pose. But! What other embarrassing revelations about Mitch Berg might yet be emitted? Is it true that he washes the few remaining hairs on his head in clam broth? Is it true that his wife divorced him after regaining her eyesight? And what about his elevator shoes? And his uniquely cantilevered “manssiere”?

  7. Joel Rosenberg said

    Complaints about “identifeminist” from somebody who slings, well, “oppo-slinging”? You’re trying to max out my irony meter, aren’t you?

  8. Is it true that he washes the few remaining hairs on his head in clam broth? Is it true that his wife divorced him after regaining her eyesight? And what about his elevator shoes? And his uniquely cantilevered “manssiere”?

    As Peggy Noonan said, it is irresponsible not to speculate!

  9. Charles said

    Joel Rosenberg, are you stating publicly that a Republican is as bad as a Democrat?

    Professionals mudslingers like Berg have started the fight. All that’s left in doubt is whether he can take what he dishes out.

    Early returns are that he can’t.

  10. Joel Rosenberg said

    Charles: no, but I certainly would, for certain Republicans and certain Democrats — and I’ll be happy to supply a list of upon request.

    What I’m saying — and I’ll try to be clearer — is that for PW to criticize folks for using allegedly ugly neologisms is sort of like me criticizing her for baldness, no matter whether or not she’s follically-challenged. Even if the kettle is black, the blackest of pots is hardly in a position to argue that black is bad, eh?

    As to Mitch being able to take it, I take it that you don’t know the guy — he’s not only thick-skinned, but amused by this stuff.

    All in all, I think it’s a win for the good guys when the, err, differently-clued send folks to their blogs, and I think PW has performed a minor community service by sending folks from the astrology-based community over to SITD.

    PW? Any chance you can throw me in that briar patch?

  11. Tild said

    “As to Mitch being able to take it, I take it that you don’t know the guy — he’s not only thick-skinned, but amused by this stuff.”

    Thick-skinned? Oh, I doubt it. But amused? Well of course he is. The way he obsesses about many local lefty blogs and yearns for their attention, I’m sure he’s positively tickled fuschia on those rare occasions when a little kibble gets tossed his way.

  12. Honest, Tilly, I don’t think that most folks outside of the astrology-based community share its . . . illusions of its importance. As to your doubting Mitch’s thick-skinnedness, do you know him well, or are you just projecting?

  13. Tild said

    I don’t know Mitch at all, Joey, and yet I have no doubt of his thin-skinnedness. As for the projection — that’s your territory.

  14. I don’t know Mitch at all…
    As I thought; thanks for confirming it.

  15. Wow. Longtime local GOP operative and gun fiction writer Joel Rosenberg accusing me of “oppo-slinging” is like Hitler accusing Churchill of war crimes. And it’s exactly the sort of projectionism I was talking about! Thanks for making my case for me, Joel!

  16. Tild said

    “I don’t know Mitch at all…”

    “As I thought; thanks for confirming it.”

    Ouch! A stinging retort!

    I don’t care what anyone says — you’re a shrewd wordslinger, Joey.

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  18. americanwumn said

    What Mitchie-poo likes the best is attention, which he gets. sigh…..ech

  19. americanwumn said

    There is absolutely NOTHING worse to Mitch than being ignored. Ask me how I know.

  20. Charles II said

    OK, how do you know?

  21. Yes, do spill. :-)

    Meanwhile, these brave Republican local bloggers and talk-show gabbers (“faces made for radio”, indeed) are being put forth as suitable FBI moles — oh, and considering the actions of past moles in deliberately inciting violence, a little poo-stirring is likely part of the game plan, though whether any of these clowns has the guts to stand and reap the whirlwind they’d sow is debatable.

    Yupper, moles and proshlockateurs: Just what we need for fun times here in September!

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  23. Boten anna said

    quit spamming Americanwumn

  24. americanwumn said

    I know because I’m the ex. Spamming. I wish thats all it was Daryll.

  25. Charles II said

    Well, we had to wait a while for the answer, but it was worth it.

  26. naomis mom said

    Hi Daryll! GO MITCH!

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  28. […] is exactly the sort of thing right-wingers love to do. See, for example, Mitch Berg and his buddies at “Protest Warrior”. So it’s no surprise that they’re trying the same old agent proschlockateur […]

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