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What Susie said… and then some

Posted by Charles II on July 6, 2007

Via Avedon’s Sideshow, I see that Susie Madrak has a great rant on how badly the Democratic Party has supported bloggers who serve to get out their message.

The proximate cause of her anger is the tragic death of Jim Cappozzola, who died because he lacked health insurance. And she points out that the Democratic Party has demanded loyalty up and granted no loyalty down. She wants free laptops.

But Susie stopped short and because I know, I have an obligation to say so.

*  The reason so many people lack health insurance is because withholding it is an employer tool to keep employees in line. I have sat in the councils where such things are casually discussed. Thanks to “Sicko,” we know what murder by HMO looks like. 

*  The reason that there are so many great bloggers is that there are so many highly-educated, highly-talented throwaways. People who for reasons of cost, or health, or because their conscience was better than their management’s have been stripped of their jobs, replaced by foreigners, sent into humiliated exile in their own land. And, again, this is by plan. The H1-B (and other visas) have been used to drive down American wages and working conditions. The oversupply of scientists, engineers, and other highly-skilled people is deliberate, bipartisan, and planned at the highest levels of government.

Yes, there are people for who blogging coincides with career development (Barry Ritholtz, for example). There are people who make money at blogging (Markos and Nouriel Roubini, for example). There are people for who blogging is a creative outlet and a means to have their say. There are people who are so financially fortunate that they blog purely for fun. But there are far too many for whom blogging is how they stay sane as they fill the hours trying to find a job or endure illness.

* The reason that working conditions and wages for most Americans have fallen even as wealth has concentrated into fewer and fewer hands is that our Constitution is defective. Our Declaration of Independence guarantees us “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness,” a recognition that physical and economic security, the right to speak one’s mind everywhere, and equality of opportunity are fundamental human rights. That powerful phrase was cannily not included in the Constitution.

And so, decade after decade, we have pretended that in America everyone can have a job appropriate to his/her skills at pay sufficient for the necessaries, if only they will work hard. The fiction is capsulized in the Humphrey-Hawkins law that is routinely ignored by every branch of the federal government.

Susie, ask for more.

Freedom from fear and freedom from want are the rights of every human being. If Congressmen and Senators of the Democratic Party will not vigorously defend those rights, then those representatives must be replaced.

In the end, I predict, there will be a national consensus that the framework of the Constitution is inadequate, that it has enthroned thieves and liars and that it has turned the power of the courts to the servicing of those who can afford them.

Some national catastrophe, whether financial, or military, or environmental I cannot say will persuade us that we can no longer to afford to waste the lives and talents of those who serve in the military, those held in prison for trivial crimes, those wrongfully forced from employment, and those of diminished health. A new Constitution and a new Republic are required in order to remind the malefactors of great wealth that their privileges exist at our sufferance.

But until then, we must support challengers to Republicans and Democrats who have lost their way– and one another.  


16 Responses to “What Susie said… and then some”

  1. Did you read her comments section? She was getting reamed out for asking the little for which she asked.

    I was going to try re-registering with HuffPost to remind them all of the deaths of Steve Gilliard (a prominent blogger) and Maria Leavey (not a blogger, just a Democratic activist who did much heavy lifting while consultants with a tenth of her work ethic and creativity got paid ten to twenty times as much).

  2. Charles said

    I didn’t notice the negative comments, PW. I saw a number that were favorable, and even an offer of help or two.

    When I went back to see the negative ones, I thought, “This nation really is going to hell, if a lady can blog about a guy dying from lack of health insurance and there are people who think that’s whining.”

  3. whig said

    I would be concerned if the Democratic party sponsored bloggers, because it would take away our independence. I would like for us to have some kind of economy for providing ourselves with such things as a union or league might.

    In short, we should construct our new government right here.

  4. Charles said

    We might indeed have to do the constructing on our own, whig. The elected representatives seem not to understand how serious the situation is becoming.

  5. whig said

    Of course we have to do our own constructing, it’s our government. We have the sovereign right to create a more perfect union. The elected representatives are to the old government, which may endure in its own way for a long time, but does not have control over cyberspace. Here we have been without government, and evolving our social construct.

    I’d like to see a system for internal polling and collaborative drafting of resolutions; if we start a survey with some orientation questions, we can weight participation according to how well acquainted a respondent is with certain facts and limit the influence of ignorant voters.

  6. whig said

    It would allow for multiple communities to establish their own set of priors, so there would be many platforms, but we would be able to speak with some coherent sense of unity from any one.

  7. whig said

    We the blogs in bloggress assembled, … :)

  8. whig said

    Or should that be one ‘r’?

  9. whig said

    er, g. I’m sorry.

  10. whig said

    And it’s still We the people. I’m not a blog and neither are you.

  11. Joe Conason has talked about how there are a number of rich liberals who need to be persuaded to open their wallets for this sort of thing. They’ll talk, but back away when it comes to ponying up the dough.

  12. whig said

    The first progessive blogress has a nice ring to it though. Feel free to use it.

  13. whig said

    We could also be a new progressive party in elections.

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