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A conspiracy so vast

Posted by Charles II on July 8, 2007

…that a right wing movement, sensing that it is on the edge of losing power as disastrously as in 1932, must invent.  And so they have their whores, guys like Phil Kent.

I managed to watch 20 minutes of it. Phil Kent, formerly of the Southeastern Legal Foundation and an aide to Strom Thurmond has determined that the greatest threat to the United States is…

                          …liberal foundations.

No kidding. The title of the book is Foundations of Betrayal: How the Liberal Superrich Undermine America. Read the rest of this entry »

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A Polish wedding: big money marries hate

Posted by Charles II on July 8, 2007

Dennis MacShane, The Guardian:

Poland’s economic and civil society is booming, but its politics is troubling. Twins and a father and son typify the problem. The twins are the Kaczynskis, Poland’s President and Prime Minister. They are busy burying the democratic revolution that ousted communism after the Solidarity movement rose in Gdansk 27 years ago this month. The heroes of Solidarity, like Lech Walesa, the journalist-activist Adam Michnik, or the liberal historian and MEP, Bronislaw Geremek, are being sidelined along with left-over communists.

The Kaczynksi supporters – men in smart suits still in their twenties – are being installed as regional governors and editors of media outlets. Their modern management methods contrast with the sloppy, often venal style of the generation they are displacing….

The father and son are Maciej and Roman Giertych. They head the EU-hating, anti-gay, anti-Jewish League of Polish Families, which is in coalition with the Kaczynskis.

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