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And We’ve Got Our First Hit!

Posted by Phoenix Woman on July 9, 2007


(“Please, Mistress, please don’t expose your slave boy toy as a sanctimonious pseudo-Christian hypocrite!”)

David Vitter, freshman Republican Senator from Louisiana (and Rudy Giuliani’s Southern regional chair of his presidential campaign), has been outed as a client of the DC Madam’s establishment.

Check this out: It’s his letter backing abstinence-only education. You know, teaching teens the importance both of saving it for marriage and for being faithful once married.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Pass the popcorn, please!

[UPDATE: Looks like this is by no means the first — or only — time that Mister Chastity For Thee But Not For Me has been caught screwing around!]

[UPDATE II: Ooooh, this asshole was working with David Duke. Verily, he deserves to go down!  And for you irony fans, the congressional seat from whence he came was held by — wait for it — Bob Livingston.]


12 Responses to “And We’ve Got Our First Hit!”

  1. Spotty said

    You do have a mean streak, PW. Spot likes that in a woman.

  2. Thank you, dear. Would you like some doggie treats?

  3. Charles said

    At last Vitter has something he is number 1 in:


  4. Uh-huh. If you read the Salon article from 2004, it’s clear he stepped on a ton of toes on his way to the top. And with the prior hooker revelations, we know that some folks back home are going to start opening up so they can kick him while he’s down.

  5. whig said

    He seemed like such a nice boy…

    (Well, that’s what I always hear them say.)

  6. KathyF said

    Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy.

  7. MEC said

    Please please please, let Orrin Hatch be on the list.

  8. Or Trent Lott. Or Fred Thompson. Or Mike Huckabee. Or Sam Brownback.

    If Joe Lieberman’s on the list, that will be proof positive there is a God and that She loves us and wants us to be happy.

  9. MEC said

    Phoenix Woman, I can’t imagine Joe Lieberman having enough sex drive to be on that list.

    I tried to imagine it, and now you owe me a magnum of brain bleach.

    How about members of the Administration? Karl Rove, Alberto Gonzales, Condi Rice….

  10. Joe Lieberman and Karl Rove!

    Their passion knew no bounds.

  11. MEC said


    …I still want to know whose phone numbers are in the “incoming calls” list on Jeff Gannon’s cellphone.

  12. […] 100% by the Christian Coalition for his pro-family voting record and his support of such issues as abstinence-only sex education, Vitter first went to Congress in 1999 when he was […]

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