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Sexcapades continue

Posted by Charles II on July 11, 2007

David Corn is trying to trace a Senate phone number he found in the DC Madam’s records: 202-224-9655, with a pre-Vitter vintage (via Josh).

Meanwhile, in Florida (from comments on Josh’s Muckraker):

A veteran Republican state legislator was arrested today by authorities in Brevard County on charges that he solicited sex from a male undercover cop.

According to the newspaper Florida Today, [Bob] Allen [of Merritt Island] was seen by police going in and out of a bathroom at a park in Titusville. Moments later, Allen allegedly asked a male undercover cop if he could perform oral sex on him for $20.

“We gotta be about family values. If we’re not about family values, we’d behave like Democrats.” –paraphrase of Lousiana state Republican chairman, today on Thom Hartmann.

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  1. Oh, my.

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