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Who’s the Democrat to make this bipartisan?

Posted by Charles II on July 11, 2007

Raw Story (via ann at TPMuckraker):

Hustler publisher Larry Flynt said Wednesday that investigators working for the magazine are involved in more than 20 investigations relating to his recent call for information on Washington sex scandals.


The investigations include “high ranking Republican and Democrat members of the Senate and the House,” Flynt said at a press conference in Los Angeles, in which RAW STORY participated via conference call.


I bet the Pubs are ransacking the underwear drawer to find out ahead of Flynt.

10 Responses to “Who’s the Democrat to make this bipartisan?”

  1. That’d be great — then Nancy could pick Jack Murtha to replace him as Whip.

    And as I’ve said: If Lieberman’s phone number is on the list, I will consider that not just as proof of the existence of God, but that She loves us and wants us to be happy.

    Remember, Flynt’s thing is hypocrites. When he last went on a Perv Hunt, he stayed his hand from smiting those straying pols who weren’t hypocrites or House Managers of the Clinton impeachment. The biggest Democratic hypocrite I can think of would be Lieberman.

  2. MEC said

    Would somebody please tell Mr. Flynt that he sounds like a Republican when he says “Democrat members”, instead of the correct “Democratic members”?

  3. whig said

    Ultimately I wouldn’t mind seeing the entire Republican party purged with a good fraction of the Democratic party as well, and a three or more party system established.

  4. whig said

    I predict that two party systems invariably break down into one party control at some time or other, and hence lead to this pass.

  5. Charles said

    I think history would prove you wrong, whig. Germany had a strong multiparty system before Hitler seized power.

    Multiparty systems tend toward paralysis (cf Italy). It’s the backlash from that paralysis that leads toward fascism. The US is already a one-party state, and it came about in part because of a collapse of morality on the right and division and opportunism within the Democratic Party.

  6. whig said

    If you want to call this country a one party state, it might be called the War party, or the Corporation party. Profits before people, first and foremost.

  7. whig said

    I also like the idea of Condorcet voting, by the way. It allows for ranked choices, and tends toward genuine compromise. Ranked pairs is a method that may be easy enough to implement.

    The RP procedure is as follows:

    1. Tally the vote count comparing each pair of candidates, and determine the winner of each pair (provided there is not a tie)
    2. Sort (rank) each pair, by the largest margin of victory first to smallest last.
    3. “Lock in” each pair, starting with the one with the largest number of winning votes, and add one in turn to a graph as long as they do not create a cycle (which would create an ambiguity). The completed graph shows the winner.

    RP can also be used to create a sorted list of preferred candidates. To create a sorted list, repeatedly use RP to select a winner, remove that winner from the list of candidates, and repeat (to find the next runner up, and so forth).

  8. whig said

    (I copied some of that from Wiki.)

  9. Charles said

    It sure is hard to find government leaders who think that world problems can be resolved without the liberal use of explosives, isn’t it, whig?

  10. whig said

    Explosives are good for building tunnels and demolishing old structures, but explosives directed against people is simply murder. I hardly see how more murder solves world problems.

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