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A New Dawn for the Chicago Sun-Times

Posted by MEC on July 13, 2007

Editor & Publisher reports that the Chicago Sun-Time, formerly owned by such rightwing rascals as Rupert Murdoch and Lord Conrad Black, is moving to the left:

“We are returning to our liberal, working-class roots, a position that pits us squarely opposite the Chicago Tribune — that Republican, George Bush-touting paper over on moneyed Michigan Avenue,” [Editorial Page Editor Cheryl L. Reed] wrote. “We’re rethinking our stance on several issues, including the most pressing issue facing Americans today: Bush’s war in Iraq.”


Reed said the Sun-Times will be adding seats to the editorial board “so that board members — the paper’s brain trust — reflect the ethnic and social diversity of our city.”

If you live where the Sun-Times is delivered, consider subscribing to it. If the political shift has positive financial effects, other newspapers will take notice.

2 Responses to “A New Dawn for the Chicago Sun-Times”

  1. whig said

    Next, the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review will become liberal? One can dream…

  2. Not as long as Dickie Scaife’s alive and/or owns it, Whig. Though between the way he’s burning through the family fortune to prop up the paper and the hosing he may be getting in his divorce from his second wife, he may not be owning it much longer.

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