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Another Shoe Drops, With The Promise Of More

Posted by Phoenix Woman on July 13, 2007


And now we know why the Louisiana GOP’s members are so desperate to see David Vitter gone (and are hoping that they could con Kathleen Blanco into cutting a deal to appoint another Republican to replace him).

One of the other shoes has just dropped: Vitter made phone calls to the DC Madam’s offices during roll call votes on the House floor.

Okay, Blanco: You’ve got the leverage now. Wait another week, and Vitter will be pushed out by his own party without you cutting any deals — and then you can appoint anyone you want to replace him.

Meanwhile, the phone number of another Washington Big Wheel has appeared on the list. Conservative pundit and strategist Jack Burkman, come on down! You can join Toesucker Dick Morris and other former clients of Debora Jeane Palfrey’s fine establishment in the public eye.

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