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Friday Morning News Roundup

Posted by Phoenix Woman on July 13, 2007


Today’s news so far:

— Doofuses in London botch car bombings: BIG news, US media freaks out. Doofuses send John Edwards packages with things like white powder and in one case a device that beeped intermittently (reminiscent of the manner of a cell phone bomb): US press rolls over and yawns. (And of course the neighbors get pissed at Edwards, not the terrorists.)

— Woo-hoo! The Dow’s in record territory! (But of course the dollar’s still dropping, as Bonddad points out.)

— Shortly after the Republicans suffered the loss of Congress last November, the CIA told the Iraq Study Group that contrary to Bush’s rosy scenarios, the Iraqi government was essentially nonexistent and the only stable portions thereof were the death squads. (The ISG would soon craft a report that urged Bush to withdraw our troops, and gave him as much face-saving cover as was possible. He of course angrily rejected the report as a “flaming turd“.)

— Why They Hate Us, Part 3453824057243:

We heard a few reports, in one case corroborated by photographs, that some soldiers had so lost their moral compass that they’d mocked or desecrated Iraqi corpses. One photo, among dozens turned over to The Nation during the investigation, shows an American soldier acting as if he is about to eat the spilled brains of a dead Iraqi man with his brown plastic Army-issue spoon.

“Take a picture of me and this motherfucker,” a soldier who had been in Sergeant Mejía’s squad said as he put his arm around the corpse. Sergeant Mejía recalls that the shroud covering the body fell away, revealing that the young man was wearing only his pants. There was a bullet hole in his chest.

“Damn, they really fucked you up, didn’t they!?” the soldier laughed.

The scene, Sergeant Mejía said, was witnessed by the dead man’s brothers and cousins.

— And because otherwise this all would be just one great big bummer of a news roundup: Community planners worldwide are really liking solar lighting, especially with the new energy-efficient CFLs and LEDs. They really like that the lights stay on even if the local power plant goes kaflooey. And they really, really, really like not having to dig up the sidewalk to lay out miles and miles of expensive electrical wire!

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  1. whig said

    Solar power is how the whole earth works.

  2. whig said

    (I guess I shouldn’t discount geothermal energy.)

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