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What Happened To That Big-Ass Mound Of Cash, Mitt?

Posted by Phoenix Woman on July 15, 2007


 The Romney Juggernaut that looked oh-so-impressive three months ago — especially the wad o’ millions that was more money than any other Republican had (but nowhere near the cash take of Hillary or Obama) — seems to have run into cash flow problems:

Marc Ambinder notes Mitt Romney’s decision to release some financial information in the form of a Friday dump. In particular, “now we know why ex-MA Gov. Mitt Romney wrote himself a ‘nightmare’ $5M check at the end of the second quarter: he spent more than five million more than he raised. Put together, Romney’s burn through about 99% of his receipts.”

It looks like there’s not enough cash in the world to get Fundies to vote for a Mormon in the GOP primaries.

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