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Why You Should Support Carol Shea-Porter

Posted by Phoenix Woman on July 17, 2007

She’s just introduced legislation in the House to compel Federal judges to ignore Bush’s signing statements.  (Now if she could draft legislation that would compel Federal agencies to do the same, then we’d really be in business!)

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Yes, But Not the Way He Meant It

Posted by MEC on July 17, 2007

Senator Mitch McConnell, during the filibuster of the Reed-Levin amendment:

The Democrats thought they were going to teach the Republicans a less on Iraq, but instead we get a lesson on why the Democrats haven’t accomplished any of their goals….

Yes, Senator, we do see why: because the Republicans are being kneejerk obstructionists to make sure the Democrats can’t claim any accomplishments.

[Edited to add:] And now Senator Lamar Alexander just said that debating whether continuing the war will accomplish U.S. goals shows disrespect for the U.S. soldiers fighting over there. Um, yeah. Considering whether it’s worth more of our soldliers dying really disrespects those soldiers.

Do these people even pay attention to what they’re saying?

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Deep Shiite, Indeed

Posted by Phoenix Woman on July 17, 2007


Larry Johnson on just how unsafe the “safe” Green Zone really is — and how little time we have left (if any) to make a semi-clean escape. It makes a nice follow up to Jon Aravosis’ recent piece on how, less than two months after McCain and Graham’s infamous Apache-protected shopping trip, Michele Bachmann wasn’t even allowed to stay overnight, even in the “safe” zone, and had to wear a Kevlar helmet and full body armor the whole time.

More and more, it’s looking as if time is running out for our troops and other personnel in Iraq. If we stay in much longer, we may not have the option of even a fighting retreat. The words “Corregidor” and “Peking” and “Khartoum” come to mind, but this would possibly eclipse all of those.

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Don’t Let the Door Hit You, Jim

Posted by MEC on July 17, 2007

Jim Nicholson is quitting as Secretary of Veterans Affairs.

And not a moment too soon. Nicholson’s appointment to the position was yet another victory of cronyism over competence. As Reuters reports with notable understatement,

The Veterans Affairs Department and Pentagon have faced increasing criticism this year for the quality and level of care received by veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

The only problem is that George W. Bush will be appointing Nicholson’s replacement, and the trend is for each new Cabinet official to be worse than the last. Who’s next for Veterans Affairs, Jack Kevorkian?

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The Potemkin Presidency

Posted by MEC on July 17, 2007

George W. Bush’s “public” appearances are anything but public. Only guaranteed loyalists are permitted anywhere near him. Applicants for tickets are vetted to exclude proven or potential Democrats. Attendees are removed if the organizers suspect they might not be Bush supporters.

The White House has responded to complaints about these practices by blaming overzealous volunteers, and denying that there’s any official policy to keep non-Republicans out of Bush’s sight. But now we have the evidence that the procedure manual for the “Office of Presidential Advance” includes detailed instructions for violating our First Amendment rights to peaceably assemble and to petition the government.

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Mexico. July 17th 2007

Posted by Charles II on July 17, 2007

Tear gas and police brutality in Oaxaca to prevent the indigenous population from holding an alternative, non-commercial festival celebrating traditional arts.

As George Salzman predicted ahead of time, last weekend was one of “high drama and danger.”

The teachers and the APPO have declared their intent to mount, as they did a year ago, a free popular Guelaguetza. This people’s event will be for three days, starting tomorrow afternoon, the first two days with ceremonies at the plaza of the Carmen Alto Church followed each day by marches to the zócalo, and to culminate on Monday with a march of several kilometers from a monument near where the PFP invaded the city last October up to the Guelaguetza stadium on Fortin Hill, where an all-day festival of traditional folk dance and music is planned. Moreover, the popular movement has called for a boycott of the government’s ‘official’ Guelaguetza one week later, and indicated it may try to prevent it from taking place. Yesterday afternoon I counted seventeen of the state’s police on the plaza at the entrance to the stadium, and many, many more on the road that climbs around the stadium and goes up to the summit of the hill where the planetarium and the observatory are situated. They were there, they said, to protect the stadium. Pickups with uniformed police, some with heavy duty automatic weapons, populated the road. …

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The Great Party Switch of 2008?

Posted by Phoenix Woman on July 17, 2007


Looking at this excellent front-page post on the GOP’s woes going into 2008, it occurs to me that most Republicans have a pretty darned tough row to hoe electorally.

Chris Bowers at OpenLeft further delineates their dilemma:  In order to hold the GOP’s base (which aside from Bush’s immigration bill — which they have rationalized as Ted Kennedy’s — rabidly backs The Resident), they have to back the war in Iraq.  But in order to win independent voters, they have to oppose the war in Iraq.

Bottom line:  You can appeal to the base, or you can appeal to the indies and the swing voters.  But you CANNOT do both.

It just occurred to me that for many Republicans, there’s really only one way out of this dilemma that preserves their careers:  Switching parties.

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Salon Interviews Elizabeth Edwards

Posted by MEC on July 17, 2007

Read it.

I can totally get behind Elizabeth Edwards as First Lady, if I can’t have Tipper Gore.

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