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Bushco declares willingness to start another war

Posted by Charles II on July 19, 2007

Anwar Iqbal, Dawn:

The White House, after publicly demanding that Pakistan rein in militants linked to Al Qaeda, is now threatening to launch direct attacks into the country’s tribal region to destroy extremist hideouts….

Analysts, however, warned that such a move would create more problems than it would solve. “It would lead to major riots throughout Pakistan and the Arab world, and it would lead to certainly a major insurgency against US forces,” Seth Jones, a South Asia specialist at the Rand Institute, told the American Broadcasting Co (ABC News)….

Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asia Richard Boucher who told a special briefing on Pakistan earlier this week that “some military action is necessary and will probably have to be taken.”…

Until Tuesday, the White House was ruling out the possibility of a direct military strike into Pakistan, saying that “you don’t blithely go into another nation and conduct operations.”

But on Wednesday, Mr Snow changed his position indicating that the US will send troops to Pakistan’s tribal region if it felt the need to do so….

“They’re [Pakistan’s commanders are] very afraid of sparking a wider civil war among the Pashtuns of Pakistan, because one has to remember that most Pashtuns live in Pakistan, not in Afghanistan, but they identify very closely with the Pashtuns of Afghanistan,” Anatol Lieven, a South Asia expert at the New America Foundation, told a US television channel. “And the Pashtuns also contribute disproportionately to the Pakistani army.”

4 Responses to “Bushco declares willingness to start another war”

  1. Stormcrow said

    Bush is SUCH a military genius!

    Just precisely HOW MANY Middle East nations does this jackass want to take on at once? When we’re already having our asses handed to us on a plate by the “defeated” Iraqis and getting close to that point with the “defeated” Taliban.

    Puts me in mind of Hitler. But not for the usual reasons Hitler gets cited on the Internet.

    Adolf Hitler was one of THE most incompetent civilian heads of state ever to walk a first-rate army off the edge of a cliff. The only people who even came close, this century, were Lyndon Baynes Johnson and Saddam Hussein – until W showed up.

    No, I take that back. Gallipoli was Winston Churchill’s little brainwave. For that, he earned a place in Hell co-equal to that shared by LBJ, Saddam, and Adolf.

    Jeeze. Even Stalin learned to stop micro-managing by late ’42.

    And Stalin waited to take on the Japanese in Manchuria until the Germans were through. Unlike our Fearful Leader, who put the Afghanistan War, which was actually getting some traction, on the back burner in order to do his Sandlot Tantrum thing in Iraq.

  2. Gallipoli was such a disaster for the invaders that it wound up hastening the end of the British empire: Australia and New Zealand entered the war still very friendly to the mother country, but that wasn’t the case four years later.

    “And the band played ‘Waltzing Matilda’ as we started to bury the slain…”

  3. MEC said

    “We buried ours, and the Turks buried theirs, and we started all over again.”

  4. Charles said

    Pakistan will firmly extend the Bush brand (BUBAR™) to South Asia, Stormcrow. Starting out with a little franchise in Afghanistan, he will yet manage to spread the flames of war from western China to the shores of Tripoli, from Turkey to Nigeria. As a disaster, it’s a roaring success.

    You have to give the Turks credit for a brilliant campaign, so at least Churchill was up against some decent military minds. Bush took every lesson learned about fighting asymmetric wars and threw out the manual.

    As for Pakistan, it’s just one more meaningless threat. They’re fixated on Iran.

    Pakistan will very likely fall to extremists precisely because they have relied on the lower classes for their troops.

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