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More Fallout From The Great Northfield Smack Epidemic

Posted by Phoenix Woman on July 19, 2007

Wow. Looks like Miss Gulch might be this guy’s only friend left:

Taking a leave of absence in the middle of a controversy surrounding heroin use in Northfield isn’t the only surprise Police Chief Gary Smith delivered this week.Smith’s attorney confirmed Wednesday that just before beginning his leave Monday, the chief forwarded to Rice County Attorney Paul Beaumaster the findings of a preliminary investigation he had been conducting of city administrator Al Roder on unspecified contractual matters and data practices.

Roder said Wednesday that he had not been officially informed of any such investigation, and he strongly denied any wrongdoing. No charges have been filed against him.

“I truly am not aware of a criminal act I might have committed, and if there is an allegation I’d sure like to find out what it is so I can address it,” he said.

So Smith’s last act before before leaving is to sully the reputation of the city administrator. Charming.

If you’re wondering why Police Chief Smith is going on an indefinite leave of absence, it just might be because he got caught talking smack about a nonexistent heroin-and-crime epidemic in his town:

Smith called the news conference the day before without letting Richardson know. He told reporters that 150 to 250 Northfield youth were using heroin or the prescription drug oxycodone, that a recent hike in burglaries and thefts could be attributed to rising heroin use and that some habits could be costing users as much as $800 a day.

Richardson and other school officials took issue with Smith’s numbers, pointing out that 15 students had been referred for heroin treatment in the past school year. Sarah Shippy, a behavioral-health specialist who runs the only chemical dependency treatment program in town, said she was aware of 55 to 60 Northfield youths who had either tried opiates, used them or had become addicted.

Contrary to what Smith said, area hospitals said there were no reports of youths conning patients out of oxycodone; school officials said there was no heroin ring at the high school, and local colleges reported a mixed record on recent campus thefts.


9 Responses to “More Fallout From The Great Northfield Smack Epidemic”

  1. whig said

    Talking smack about smack?

  2. You got it, Whig.

    Of course, as you know all too well, drug paranoia and antiterror paranoia are the last refuges of the incompetent. Or the corrupt.

  3. whig said

    Well, heroin’s nasty stuff, no doubt, and there’s entirely too much of it around without having to make up imaginary users. We’d have a whole lot less narcotics around when cannabis is legal, and a whole lot of harm reduction thereby.

  4. MEC said

    Legalize cannabis and impose a 2% sales tax. We’d pay off the deficit and have enough left over for universal health care, pensions, and university tuition.

  5. whig said

    Make it 3% and be sure to exempt medical and personal home gardens from tax.

  6. Charles said

    You guys must be smoking something. With an annual deficit ca. $250B (actually %500B, counting what they’re irreversibly borrowing from Social Security), we’d have to be spending our entire GDP on cannabis to close the gap.

  7. whig said

    Well, cannabis is the number one cash crop in this country…

  8. whig said

    I think we should also have a federal land value tax apportioned by appraisal with an exemption amount, excepting corporations and foreign owners who would not have an exemption.

    Would that make up your gap, Charles?

  9. Actually, taxes in line with what cigarettes are taxed would work.

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