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The AP Commits Real Journalism

Posted by MEC on July 21, 2007

The Associated Press reviews Rudy Giuliani’s record as mayor of New York, with appropriate skepticism.

Thousands of new police officers hired by his predecessor, Democrat David Dinkins, were coming on duty. Thousands of mentally ill homeless people were provided housing and treatment under a program begun by Dinkins and former Democratic Gov. Mario Cuomo.
 The economy was growing, pumping billions of dollars into the city treasury. The Dow Jones Industrial Average stood at 3,754.09 on the day Giuliani arrived at City Hall and opened at 10,136.99 the day he left.


But there was debate, even early on, over who deserved more credit for the drop in crime — Giuliani or William Bratton, the charismatic police chief from 1994 to 1996. Giuliani abruptly fired Bratton after he appeared on the cover of Time magazine as the man responsible for the crime reduction.


Advocates for the poor point out that even though poverty rates fell under Giuliani, nearly one in five New Yorkers remained below the poverty line, well above the national rate.

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Saturday Afternoon News Roundup

Posted by Phoenix Woman on July 21, 2007


 — Chris Shays [R-CT] got into a little altercation with Capitol Police the other day.  Heated words were exchanged.  Of course, this will not get anywhere near the attention that the press gave to a similar incident that wound up forcing Cynthia McKinney from office.

Think Progress has a good rundown of just how utterly Bush and Cheney and Rove and Norquist have turned the Federal government into yet another arm of the Republican Party.

Senate Republicans are growing increasingly nervous about staying in Iraq, and Democrats are growing more confident in their progress on getting our troops out of there.  This is very likely due to Harry Reid’s brilliant move this week wherein he deprived the Senate Republicans of the chance to placate their anti-war consitituents by voting for bogus legislation that pretends to withdraw troops but actually does nothing of the kind.

— Oh, and the Republican efforts to permanently keep the Fairness Doctrine from ever being revived have themselves been quashed.  Wahey!

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A long train of abuses: emanations of the pResident

Posted by Charles II on July 21, 2007

Glenn Greenwald, Salon (via Avedon):

The Bush administration decided to announce to Washington Post reporters Dan Eggen and Amy Goldstein its view that it has the power to block the Justice Department, and its U.S. Attorneys, from criminally prosecuting Executive Branch employees who refuse to comply with Congressional subpoenas, notwithstanding a statute enacted by the American people through their Congress requiring such prosecution where Congress issues a contempt citation. We do not know who specifically in the administration announced this obviously radical position because the Post courteously granted them a shield of anonymity to hide behind.  (Quoting from The Post article:) ” In practical terms, he said, ‘U.S. attorneys are emanations of a president’s will.'”

What is at issue is absolutely basic to American law and history. Congress was created before and superior to the president. Congress can impeach a president, but a president cannot impeach a member of Congress. 

The Founders feared a powerful executive, because they had been treated to the abuses of a king. The Constitution therefore granted Congress extraordinary powers to oversee the work of the Executive branch. The president was authorized to administer Executive Branch employees. Administration did not include breaking or ignoring laws or impeding the other branches of government from conducting their duties. 

This president continues to prove that the powers that the Executive branch has accumulated are too great and must be drastically reduced. We continue on course to a breakdown of the first American Republic because the Congress fails to do so.

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