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Erdogan victory raises hopes of ending Turk-Kurd war

Posted by Charles II on July 23, 2007

It’s just amazing what is possible when the right loses elections. Ian Traynor in The Guardian:

Mr Erdogan is in a strong position to dismiss military pressure for a cross-border crackdown on PKK Kurdish guerrillas based in northern Iraq and to extract concessions on the Kurdish conflict from the Americans and Kurdish leaders….

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Mexico, July 23 2007

Posted by Charles II on July 23, 2007


Photo by José Carlo González/La Jornada

Five thousand people, teachers from the SNTE union as well as members of the community group APPO marched in opposition of the commercialized Guelaguetza festival. The posters show the incarcerated leader of APPO. Two soldiers out of uniform, who attempted to detain a member of APPO, were themselves detained, and obligated to march barefoot along with the marchers. Nancy Davies says that the government is bussing in people from the countryside and paying for them to attend the commercial festival. In the clash on July 16th, Davies says that two people were killed and about 40 people, including minors, were detained. A number were wounded. Read the rest of this entry »

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The Two Faces Of Bachmann

Posted by Phoenix Woman on July 23, 2007

Michele Bachmann, as done by Alicia Morgan in the style of Margaret Keane

Yup, you can tell that archconservative Doug Tice has consolidated his control over the StarTribune’s political newsroom when it puts out front-page puff pieces on Poor Widdle Put-Upon Chelly Welly Bachmann.

Fortunately, Eric Black over at Minnesota Monitor has a nice corrective:

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Bush’s Worst Nightmare: Guantanamo Whistleblower

Posted by Phoenix Woman on July 23, 2007

Just Us

From the NYT via Hudson at DailyKos (emphases mine):

Stephen E. Abraham’s assignment to the Pentagon unit that runs the hearings at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, seemed a perfect fit.A lawyer in civilian life, he had been decorated for counterespionage and counterterrorism work during 22 years as a reserve Army intelligence officer in which he rose to the rank of lieutenant colonel. His posting, just as the Guantánamo hearings were accelerating in 2004, gave him a close-up view of the government’s detention policies.

It also turned him into one of the Bush administration’s most unlikely adversaries.

In June, Colonel Abraham became the first military insider to criticize publicly the Guantánamo hearings, which determine whether detainees should be held indefinitely as enemy combatants. Just days after detainees’ lawyers submitted an affidavit containing his criticisms, the United States Supreme Court reversed itself and agreed to hear an appeal arguing that the hearings are unjust and that detainees have a right to contest their detentions in federal court.

Some lawyers say Colonel Abraham’s account — of a hearing procedure that he described as deeply flawed and largely a tool for commanders to rubber-stamp decisions they had already made — may have played an important role in the justices’ highly unusual reversal. That decision once again brought the administration face to face with the vexing legal, political and diplomatic questions about the fate of Guantánamo and the roughly 360 men still held there.

Of course, the dead-enders in the Cheney-Bush Junta will still blow this off. If they can blow off Jack Murtha and Walter Jones, they can blow off Colonel Abraham. But the sane among us will not.

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Abortions For Me But Not For Thee

Posted by Phoenix Woman on July 23, 2007


One of the more fascinating things about the anti-choice movement, as with the religio-racist right in general, is how readily they will partake of those things that they would deny others. Being two-faced doesn’t begin to describe it.

I myself knew a girl in college who never used birth control “because planning to have sex means you’re a slut”, whose mother was a big wheel in the local “right-to-life” movement (but somehow had no problems with the death penalty), and who by the time I left college had at least two abortions under her belt and was getting ready for a third.

Joyce Arthur (aka “choice joyce” at DailyKos) shares some similar anecdotes that she’s collected over the decades. Here’s just a small but — pardon the pun — choice sampling:

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