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Bush Comes By His Hatred Of Freedom And Democracy Honestly…

Posted by Phoenix Woman on July 29, 2007

his grandfather Prescott was in the gang of hyper-rich people that plotted to overthrow Franklin Delano Roosevelt and set up a Hitler/Mussolini-style fascist dictatorship.

Oh, no!  I made a perfectly legitimate Hitler/Bush comparison.  The tighty-whitey righties will be screeching “Godwin’s Law!” over and over again now.


Charles adds: As noted by whig in comments below, the History Channel has produced a documentary titled The Plot to Overthrow FDR. It is available through and other outlets. One can see a preview at Monkeyfister’s blog.


5 Responses to “Bush Comes By His Hatred Of Freedom And Democracy Honestly…”

  1. whig said

    Godwin’s Law suspended for the duration of the present emergency.

  2. Charles said

    Could we create a recording and mirror the Beeb, PW? This is something that needs to be everywhere and for all time.

  3. whig said

    Monkeyfister posted a film: The plot to overthrow FDR.

    I haven’t watched it yet.

  4. Charles: I think so. I believe WP allows for video storage, though Photobucket might be a better place for it.

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