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Larry The Peeper Versus Diaper Dave

Posted by Phoenix Woman on August 30, 2007

Joan Walsh and Glenn Greenwald point up the extreme hypocrisy in the GOP’s rallying around (the heterosexual horndog Senator and fan of illicit sex) David Vitter even as they now condemn (the homo/bisexual horndog Senator and fan of illicit sex) Larry Craig.

As Greenwald states, it’s not just Vitter’s heteroness that protects him:  It’s that if he resigned now, it would be a Democratic governor picking his replacement, whereas Idaho’s current governor is a Republican.

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  1. Sen. Craig’s Bathroom Blunder: GOP Eats its Own

    Yesterday, I enjoyed hurling evidence of hypocrisy at the growing list of Republican politicians who strike family-values poses to appeal to ordinary folks who have real family values. When are they gonna learn? Pretense doesn’t work for long. Today, …

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