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Gallup: Dem Voters Want Change, Not Same-Old Same-Old

Posted by Phoenix Woman on September 4, 2007

Per the latest Gallup Poll:

The Aug. 23-26 Gallup Panel survey posed the following questions to Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents:

Which will be more important to you when deciding which candidate to support for president in next year’s election — [ROTATED: that the candidate has experience getting things done in the current system in Washington, (or) that the candidate has a strong desire to change the system for getting things done in Washington]?

The results of this forced-choice question were lopsided in favor of “change” — 73% of Democrats said changing the system would be more important to their decision about whom to support, while only 26% opted for “experience.”

Synopsis: People who vote for Democrats do so because they want A CHANGE IN DIRECTION, not the same-old same-old.

Got that, Rahm? Got that, Dianne? Got that, Harry?


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