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Bush Was Told Iraq Had No WMD

Posted by MEC on September 6, 2007

In a Salon exclusive, Sidney Blumenthal details the evidence that “CIA director George Tenet briefed President Bush in the Oval Office on top-secret intelligence that Saddam Hussein did not have weapons of mass destruction,” and that Bush blew off the information so he could proceed with the war he so desperately craved.

Back in April 2006, Tyler Drumheller, the former CIA chief of clandestine operations for Europe, told 60 Minutes that the agency had received and validated documents proving that Iraq had no WMD. Blumenthal says in this new article that two former CIA officials have confirmed Drumheller’s account and provided additional details about how the information was suppressed.

And you know how The Usual Suspects keep trying to quash the evidence that Bush lied by pointing out that Democrats said Iraq had WMD? Not a one of those Democrats had any inkling of this intelligence to the contrary.

Bush lied. The Bush Administration falsified the evidence provided to Congress, lied to the United Nations, lied to the American people.

We impeach presidents for lying to the American people, don’t we?

5 Responses to “Bush Was Told Iraq Had No WMD”

  1. We impeach presidents for lying to the American people, don’t we?

    Only if their lies don’t kill anybody. The more people your lies kill, the more the GOP/Media Complex loves you.

  2. whig said


  3. mullah cimoc said

    mullah cimoc say now total war news blockade for keep ameriki so stupid and the uninform. then him listen woman war correspondent.

    usa face the destruct (maybe the earthquaking) unless change media method in usa, let only him local resident buy stock in owning tv station company. for example: only tampa, fl. resident allow buy stock in tampa tv station and no ne more than 5%. not the out of state or multinaltional corp to own local tv station.

    then local own local tv stations to form own network get rid of israeli spy networks now so distorting news for make ameriki stupid, to love the torture, hate the muslim, love it homosexual, hate the god, love the LBT (low back tattoo), hate the grandchild.

    this mother nature way for punish ameriki for be so greed and like too much him 7-11 cheese nacho and sex pill vigara.

  4. Charles said

    Gee, they really don’t teach very good English in Utah, do they?

  5. whig said

    just a troll.

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