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Posted by Phoenix Woman on September 6, 2007

Poor widdle George W. Bush. His Big Propaganda Rollouts — for both the SURGE! and for invading Iran — are getting shoved off the media stage by Larry “I’m NOT GAY!” Craig.

See, it turns out that Senator Craig has no intention of going quietly into that good night — and his lawyers have hinted that should the GOP-initiated ethics probe continue against him, he’ll suddenly have reasons to bring up all those other Senators who have violated Senate ethics rules (*cough*DavidVitter*cough*), and yet were never punished for it.

What’s more, he has two powerful Senate allies: Arlen Specter and Mitch McConnell.

Things will be getting most interesting.

6 Responses to “ICANHASGAYBURGER?!”

  1. whig said

    We should be kind to Larry Craig, he is deeply in that closet if the allegations are true, and the only thing he has is denial.

  2. Charles said

    It doesn’t much matter what we do, whig. The Bushes don’t do many things well, but there’s one at which they’re consummate experts: revenge.

    They will dig up every last person he has had so much as a handshake with and put him on national TV.

  3. whig said

    Yay. He has lots of dirt on Republicans too, and he has threatened to let it be known.

  4. whig said

    After denial, bargaining. Then the depression, and eventually acceptance.

  5. I hope Craig holds out for the big payoff. Make them go to their big donors and cough up a few cushy corporate-board slots for him. That’s a far more discreet payoff than simply handing him a wad of Franklins in addition to the gold watch and chain.

  6. whig said

    They’ll have to pay off his wife for sure.

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