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Comprehensive catalogue of recent Republican corruption

Posted by Charles II on September 11, 2007

(via Avedon), Tommy Korioth of Basket of Puppies has a catalogue of over 200 senior Republican figures who have been investigated, indicted, or convicted. Even granting presumption of innocence, it’s overwhelming.

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Pakistan nears crisis

Posted by Charles II on September 11, 2007

(via Scott Horton

In Ahmed Rashid’s view, Benazir Bhutto is incapable of government and Nawaz Sharif is too closely associated with Islamic extremists to be acceptable to the United States. He sees Armaggedon:

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Real unemployment probably jumped 1%

Posted by Charles II on September 11, 2007

Barry Ritholtz has a nice discussion of how unemployment is calculated. Basically, unemployment falls if either there are more people working or fewer in the work force. In August, it appears that something like a million people abruptly vanished from consideration. If so, it’s a strong signal of a recession.

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The 1031 Polka

Posted by Charles II on September 11, 2007

After performances of the Subprime Blues and the Dollar Limbo, the next dance on the financial dance floor is the 1031 Polka. Eric Larson, Bloomberg (rearranged):

The intermediaries [mostly unregulated U.S. firms that hold money between commercial-property sales] are known as 1031 exchanges, named for a provision of U.S. tax law that defers capital gains taxes if the seller of a property buys another like it within six months.

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The Iron Anniversary

Posted by Charles II on September 11, 2007

Six years ago, this country was struck in the worst act of terrorism since the bombing of Tulsa. Many compared it to an act of war, the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. And yet, it was not an act of war, since the perpetrators were not soldiers or sailors or airmen, but individuals acting on behalf of an extremist ideology. Our failure to understand the difference between fighting a war and counterterrorism would lead us into disastrous decisions.

For the first hours, we feared that up to 50,000 might have perished in the World Trade Center. We did not know whether the strike on the Pentagon might have decimated our military leadership. We had no reason for certainty that Al Qaida had not have left behind an even nastier surprise, waiting for our military to be dispersed abroad before releasing a biological weapon or even a “dirty bomb” to wreak havoc. We were lucky they had not planned their moves ahead.

It was in those first days and weeks, while most were in shock, that our civil liberties were taken, our national treasury looted, our military set on a path which has already done great harm to its capability to fight war: by alienating potential allies, by weakening the economic base on which the military machine rests, and by degrading the readiness of its men and materiel. Our fear and our arrogance would lead us into disastrous decisions.

Iron is the traditional gift for the sixth year of marriage, and Eris married we have. What have we won for six years of conflict? Iraq and Afghanistan remain unstable, filled with violence and criminality. Our loved ones are stationed in harm’s way. Our nation is bitterly divided. Our energy security is diminished. Our treasury is depleted. Russia and China view us as a failing hegemon, and both have begun to challenge us. Even if one approves of the American empire, this is an unparalleled record of failure.

None of the processes of national renewal that the Framers envisioned have served. Our political establishment has shown itself to be corrupt and indecisive. Our courts prostrate themselves before the Executive. Our press is ridiculous.

We the people are all that stand between this nation and the abyss. On this iron anniversary, may we learn that ignorance, fear, and arrogance are our worst enemies.

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Happy Birthday, Markos!

Posted by MEC on September 11, 2007

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Long may you blog.

It was nice of the FEC to give you an early birthday present:

FEC Applies Media Exemption to Political Blogs

In Matter Under Review (MUR) 5928, the Commission determined that Kos Media, L.L.C., which operates the website DailyKos, did not violate the Federal Election Campaign Act. The Commission rejected allegations that the site should be regulated as a political committee because it charges a fee to place advertising on its website and it provides “a gift of free advertising and candidate media services” by posting blog entries that support candidates. The Commission determined that the website falls squarely within the media exemption and is therefore not subject to federal regulation under the Act.

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Where His Loyalties Lie

Posted by Phoenix Woman on September 11, 2007


The editorial staffers of the St. Paul Pioneer Press are being too kind to Governor Grifter:

The special session will apparently have no provisions relating to state’s other summertime disaster, the Aug. 1 collapse of the Interstate 35W bridge. Pawlenty said it appears the federal government will cover the immediate costs. And negotiations on a broader transportation package stalled, we are sorry to say.

The flood-relief package is an important response to devastating storms.

A comprehensive road, bridge and transit package would have been an equally important response to the unexplained collapse of one of the state’s busiest bridges. “People want to see that their Minnesota government works,” House Minority Leader Marty Seifert, R-Marshall, said Monday.

Today’s limited special session shows that our government doesn’t work well enough.

Ya think? “Cover the immediate costs” my ass. Anyone who’s followed T-Paw’s career knows he’s always used creative accounting to avoid facing the reality that cutting revenue cuts infrastructure spending.

I think it shows that Tim Pawlenty values low (or no) taxes on the rich more than he does anything else. Period. You could hold a gun to his wife’s head and he’d go for the low taxes every time. His loyalties aren’t with the United States of America, or the State of Minnesota, or even the Republican Party. They’re with Phil Krinkie and David Strom and the Rich Taxpayers’ League.

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