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Wednesday Morning News Roundup

Posted by Phoenix Woman on September 12, 2007


And the hits just keep on comin’:

— David Vitter’s hooker troubles aren’t going away. Wendy Cortez speaks.

— You knew it was coming: Larry Craig, meet Fred Phelps. (h/t to Minnesota Monitor.)

— The FBI is interested in Ted Stevens.

UPDATE:  Go to for a login and password to access the article; here’s a little taste of it:

During a secret meeting to discuss what prosecutors say was a dirty deal to keep Alaska oil taxes low, two oil contractors said they had a powerful ally coming to town who could help build support for the plan: Sen. Ted Stevens. The FBI played a videotape of the 2006 meeting Tuesday in a corruption trial against former Alaska House Speaker Pete Kott, who is accused of taking gifts and favors in exchange for supporting oil interests.

In the grainy video, VECO Corp. executives Bill Allen and Rick Smith can be heard talking about how to ensure passage of an oil tax bill. If approved, the bill would increase chances that a natural gas pipeline would be built, a deal that could mean huge profits for VECO.

Allen and Smith said they wanted to ensure Stevens was asked “good questions” that would steer him toward discussing the bill and the pipeline. The senator, Allen said, would make clear that “we need oil.”

— Norm Coleman’s leads over Mike Ciresi and Al Franken continue to shrink, and are now dangerously close to the margins of error in the latest Rasmussen poll.

4 Responses to “Wednesday Morning News Roundup”

  1. MEC said

    The unasked questions about David Vitter: How much money did he pay for sexual services, is the total enough to make a dent in his personal finances, and if so, where’d the money come from?

  2. Ah, but the press is too busy asking Wendy Cortez to provide reciepts. Funny, last I checked, out-and-out hookers tried to limit written evidence of their hooking, prostitution being illegal in most places.

  3. Charles said

    It was New Orleans, PW. I think they regard prostitution more as a crafts industry.

    Unasked questions, MEC? How about the diaper angle? This is an issue of burning importance to Metairie voters.

  4. whig said

    No receipt, it didn’t happen, no problem, right?

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