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A 59 minute primer on Blackwater

Posted by Charles II on September 27, 2007

Jeremy Scahill did a talk at Oakland on Flashpoints. I thought I was up on Blackwater, but I learned a number of things from the talk. For example,

  • Ken Starr works for them, and before him, Fred Fielding,
  • Joseph Schmitz, he of the Pentagon IG’s office is with them. He’s a member of The Order of Malta, which dates back to the Crusades,
  • They’re in Baku, Azerbaijan.
  • Washington Group International is in Baku, surveilling Iran and Chechnya,
  • Erik Prince is a Green Party donor, as well as a Republican donor.

8 Responses to “A 59 minute primer on Blackwater”

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  2. If it will make you feel any better, Joseph Schmitz is just another victim of the Knights-of-Malta scam. I looked into this years ago and found there were several “Knights of Malta” groups, none of them related to the Order of the Knights Templar, which, of course, you had to be a monk or priest to join.

    One of the groups I investigated had an office in the UN Plaza Bldg, which turned out to be an ordinary office building adjacent to the UN. They gave me a nice plastic fob and key ring to commemorate my visit.

  3. Charles said

    You might want to check again, SC. New Advent (Catholic Encyclopedia) says, “There are still commanders and several classes of knights, with different insignia, but all wear the same eight-pointed Maltese cross (see DECORATIONS, PONTIFICAL).” Wikipedia lists it as a going concern, and directs us to here The American branch is here.

    If it’s a scam, it’s very well developed.

  4. whig said

    Knights of Malta were never Templars, they were Hospitalars.

  5. whig said

  6. joe in oklahoma said

    the Knights of Malta are for real…they were hospitallers and are now a group officially organized under Vatican supervision, to honor those people who give major gifts to the Roman Catholic Church.
    they get made knights and ladies by vatican approval of recommendations made by bishops, and at their investiture they receive a cape and beret with the 8 pointed cross, which they are free to wear at masses and other acts of that church

  7. Dave Bell said

    The Knights of St. John never really died out as an organisation, even after Napoleon kicked them out of Malta. But I doubt that any member would refere to them as just “Knights of Malta”.

    In some ways, Malta is the least of their identifiers.

  8. Gag Halfrunt said

    The Sovereign Military Order of Malta is real enough, but there are said to be numerous self-styled orders of knights of St John or of Malta. See Umberto Eco’s essay ‘How to Become a Knight of Malta’ in How to Travel with a Salmon & Other Essays. (Eco begins his essay by saying that he has been invited to join a bogus order of Knights of Malta, and proceeds to review the long and convoluted history of these organisations.)

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