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“I hate all Iranians”

Posted by Charles II on September 30, 2007

Deputy Assistant Secretary for Coalition Affairs to Defence Secretary Robert Gates and SpokesValkyrie Debra Cagan. From The Daily Mail (via AngryArab Blogspot)


You can’t make this stuff up.


15 Responses to ““I hate all Iranians””

  1. shrimplate said

    Oh, I know her. Back when she was still a man she played “Lurch” on the old Addam’s Family show. I didn’t know her politics were that extreme, though.

  2. jo6pac said

    This is 1 scary person but did you notice the little Iron Cross around her? neck? Will at lest we know who her heros are.

  3. Charles said

    Mitch Guttman, commenting at Sideshow, tracked it to Commander’s Cross Order of Merit of the Republic of Hungary. Probably from the Laszlo Pastor Collection of Fine Jewelry

    Notice the matching anti-vampire neck armor.

  4. jo6pac said

    Thanks Charles
    I feel so much better knowing that.

    I did notice the armor but I was confused on why a vamp would need it in the 1st place. Were Buffy when you need her?

  5. whig said

    That “Commander’s Cross Order of Merit” looks a lot like the Iron Cross.

  6. No, no, no! It’s not the Iron Cross! It’s the Surfers’ Cross, dooood!

  7. Charles said

    Whig, Laszlo Pastor was a member of a Hungarian fascist group and a convicted collaborator. He was also a close associate of Paul Weyrich, he of the Free Congress Foundation and a central player in the religious right.

    There are probably some very good reasons why the Commander’s Cross resembles the Iron Cross. But officially it commemorates the 1956 uprising.

  8. Eli said

    I was sure it was the guy from Dead Or Alive before he got his lips all insanely plumped up. Usually the Republican women are more frumpy than campy.

  9. whig said

    In Heraldic terms, it states an allegiance regardless of its lineage.

  10. whig said

    If someone comes under color of a flag or sign, and they are not joking….

  11. whig said

    Of course there can be misunderstanding on all sides.

  12. Charles said

    Eli, my guess was Ann Coulter without makeup.

    It really is a remarkable photo.

  13. MEC said

    She’s really James Bond villain Rosa Klebb.

    Actually, Bush and his minions all remind me of Modesty Blaise villains.

  14. We need the Silver Mistress to come to our rescue, then.

  15. Emphyrio said

    Thanks for tracking down that medal. I wondered about that.

    What a bunch of reckless freaks we have in charge of our foreign policy. The world will heave a sigh of relief, and perhaps offer cooperation we’ve never before seen, once the Republicans leave the stage.

    Much damage to repair.

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