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I don’t usually do this kind of thing

Posted by Charles II on October 1, 2007

On a two-bank rebound from Lunch over IP, Sxip Schirey:

Moon in Her Belly

Bowls Played with Red Marbles

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A Question for Erik Prince

Posted by MEC on October 1, 2007

Mr. Prince, by all accounts you are a zealous Christian. Most people would assume that means you take the Bible seriously and try your best to obey the Ten Commandments.

So what part of “Thou shalt not kill” do you just not get?

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How The Rich Get That Way: Other People’s Money

Posted by Phoenix Woman on October 1, 2007


StarTribune columnist Nick Coleman reports on Twins owner Carl Pohlad’s heist of $500 million (at least) from the taxpayers of Minnesota — aided and abetted by Tim Pawlenty, a man who vetoed funding to fix MnDOT’s crumbling bridges and HQ (emphases mine):

According to Forbes magazine, Pohlad’s net worth increased to $3.1 billion, up a cool $500 million from a year ago. It’s probably just coincidence, but that’s the same amount that the people of Hennepin County will pay in extra sales taxes for the new Twins ballpark, which is scheduled to open three seasons from now.Forbes doesn’t understand how this stadium deal works, which is a problem the magazine shares with Minnesota’s taxpayers. In reporting on Big Papa’s Big Pile, the magazine said Pohlad “persuaded” the Legislature to “put up money” for a new park.

Not exactly.

In fact, the Twins cooked up a strategy that allowed the Hennepin County Board to bypass a state law giving voters the right to approve local tax increases. Legislators from the county “opposed” the plan but were outvoted by outstate lawmakers. So $500 million (a billion when you include interest costs) was transferred to Forbes’ 114th wealthiest American (and climbing) in a deal phonier than the “grass” in the Metrodome.

All without a peep from No New Taxes Tim Pawlenty, who signed the deal wearing a Twins jersey. Big Papa’s net worth skyrocketed while — checked your home equity lately? — others’ plunged.

The big irony here is compounded by the fact that not only is Carl Pohlad the richest owner in major-league baseball, but he loves to justify refusing to pay market value for player contracts by whining about How Much Money He’s Losing On The Team when in fact his “losses” and those of other owners are as illusory as Enron’s profits, and created by similarly-creative accounting techniques.

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File This Under “Things That Do Not Surprise Me One Bit”

Posted by Phoenix Woman on October 1, 2007

Well, well. One of the guys who attacked a gay man in DC is revealed to be a snotty little trustafarian son of a rich Bush buddy:

19-year-old Philip Anderton Cooney, pictured here in the spring of 2005, is the son of fallen Bush aide and American Petroleum Institute oil lobbyist Phil Cooney.

Phil Cooney was appointed chief of staff with the White House Council on Environmental Quality, suffering criticism for his lack of environmental experience. After his resignation and subsequent hire to a position with ExxonMobil, it was found that Cooney had reportedly tampered with data to support the Bush line on climate change.

Philip Anderton Cooney was identified by the victim and reported to police thanks to his Facebook profile, which contained a photograph. He is being charged with simple assault, which, as a hate crime, carries a jail sentence of up to 270 days, the Washington Post reports. On the morning of September 9, the victim says, he was attacked physically and verbally, including with anti-gay slurs, by Cooney while walking near 36th and O Streets in northwest Washington, DC.

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Ray LaHood: Hillary Clinton Will Be Our Next President

Posted by Phoenix Woman on October 1, 2007

Frankly I’d prefer John Edwards, myself.

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