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The Christian Zionist movement

Posted by Charles II on October 5, 2007

Bill Moyers’s Journal entry, End Game in the Holy Land, will come as no surprise to anyone who follows the religious right. We are being sucked into conflict in the Middle East by religious zealots who imagine that their interpretation of the Apocalypse is more accurate than all the past failed interpretations.

But what really struck me was that Joe Lieberman called Pastor John Hagee a Moses.

Who knew Moses liked fried chicken so much?

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A must listen

Posted by Charles II on October 5, 2007

Colonel Pat Lang speaks at the Miller Center.

Hezbollah is rebuilding behind UN lines in Lebanon. They are importing arms from Iran, including shoulder launched missiles. They would welcome a fight with Israel.

Israel is denying it was defeated in Lebanon. The raid on Syria may have been a response to the humiliation. Israel is not capable of inflicting substantial damage to Iran without going nuclear.

The good news about Iraq is that Al Qaida’s influence in Iraq is declining. The tribal structure in NW Iraq was offended by the puritanical and rule-driven religion of AQI (Al Qaida in Iraq). Tribal law (urfh) and Sufism modify Islam in Iraq.

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Friday Cat Blogging

Posted by MEC on October 5, 2007

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

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Canada joins Bushco idiocy, barring entry to Col. Ann Wright and Medea Benjamin

Posted by Charles II on October 5, 2007

C’mon, Canadians. You’re supposed to be the sensible ones on this continent.  Here’s Ann Wright’s bio:

AMY GOODMAN: …Ann Wright, you’re a retired Army colonel. You earned a Master’s degree in national security affairs from the US Naval War College in Newport, Rhode Island, later participated in the reconstruction efforts of US military actions in Grenada and Somalia. You went on to serve thirteen years in active-duty in the US Army, sixteen years in the Army Reserve at the rank of colonel. You went on to work at the State Department. You served as Chief of Mission at the US embassies in Afghanistan, which to voluntarily helped open, the embassy there, after the US attacked Afghanistan in 2001, served in Sierra Leone, Micronesia, Mongolia, Uzbekistan. You got a State Department award for heroism for helping evacuate 2,500 people from the civil war in Sierra Leone.

And here’s what happened:

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White House E-mails ‘Lost’ by Nonexistent Contractor

Posted by MEC on October 5, 2007

Isn’t this interesting.

When Congress asked about 5 million executive branch e-mails that went missing, a White House lawyer pointed the finger at an outside IT contractor.

The only problem? No such IT contractor exists, according to sources close to the investigation of a possible violation of the Federal Records and Presidential Records acts.

White House Office of Administration (OA) Deputy General Counsel Keith Roberts told the House Oversight Committee on May 29 that “an unidentified company working for the Information Assurance (IA) Directorate of the Office of the Chief Information Officer was responsible for daily audits of the e-mail system and the e-mail archiving process,” according to committee chair Rep. Henry Waxman, D-Calif.


Contrary to Roberts’ statement to the Oversight Committee, several sources, including an IT company currently doing contractual work for the Executive Office of the President, have told ChannelWeb that no outside company had a managed services contract to audit the Executive Office of the President’s e-mail archiving system daily during the period when the e-mails went missing.

It gets worse:

“In 2002, they abandoned Lotus Notes, went to Microsoft Outlook, abandoned ARMS, but never put in a new electronic records management system. So I’m told they just dumped e-mail on servers. This meant that anybody with access to the servers could potentially dump data and delete documents,” said [Anne Weismann, chief counsel for private watchdog group Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington].

I’m not surprised that there was no system for managing the e-mail. This gang would definitely prefer a “system” that would ensure there’d be no record of their plans and activities.

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‘Anti-Abortion’ Is Not ‘Pro-Life’

Posted by MEC on October 5, 2007

A new Planned Parenthood clinic has opened in Aurora, Illinois in spite of the opposition of anti-abortion activists.

If its opponents succeed in shutting down the clinic, they won’t just be preventing abortions.

The center, which is within the Joliet Diocese, will offer a wide range of services, from contraception to cervical and breast cancer tests, at prices affordable to those without health insurance.


The clinic was open for sexually transmitted disease testing Tuesday afternoon.

At capacity, Trombley said, the clinic could serve more than 25,000 patients per year.


…nearly one in four women in America has visited Planned Parenthood.

What the article doesn’t mention is that Planned Parenthood clinics also provide prenatal health care for pregnant women. Shutting down this clinic will mean putting the lives and health of poor women and their children at risk. That’s a strange way to protect life, if you ask me.

Because of persistent opposition like this, Planned Parenthood funding needs money not just for operating expenses but for legal expenses. You know what to do.

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Ho Hum, Just Another Corrupt Bushevik

Posted by MEC on October 5, 2007

Bush Official, Friend Under Investigation

A Bush administration cabinet secretary is facing multiple federal investigations about whether he lied to Congress when he vowed he never intervened in contracting awards at his department, according to a new report.

The FBI and the Justice Department are working with the inspector general for the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to probe whether HUD Secretary Alphonso Jackson arranged for nearly half a million dollars worth of work to go to a golfing partner and friend, according to the National Journal magazine.


Jackson’s golfing partner, stucco contractor William Hairston from Hilton Head, S.C., received more than $485,000 for work with the HUD-controlled Housing Authority of New Orleans (HANO), the magazine reported.

Hairston told National Journal that Jackson helped him land the job.

I note that the investigations are into whether Jackson lied to Congress. Which means that no matter what the investigations uncover, the Usual Suspects will squawk “No underlying crime!” Because lying to a Democratic Congress isn’t a crime, it’s a duty.

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Tutu No, Coulter Yes?!?

Posted by Phoenix Woman on October 5, 2007

I’m sure you’ve all heard by now that pressure from a small right-wing group (which deliberately confuses criticism of Israeli policies with anti-Semitism)  not only cowed the University of St. Thomas into axing a planned visit by Desmond Tutu, but also caused the demotion of a faculty member who protested the axing. (Meanwhile, Ann Coulter came to speak there a couple years ago and the same people who axed Tutu were either silent or cheering.)

Jewish Voice for Peace (h/t to AlterNet) is asking concerned citizens to contact the Tommies and ask them to let Bishop Tutu speak — and to reinstate Professor Cris Toffolo, who had opposed the censoring of Bishop Tutu and who was then punished for her opposition, as the chair of St. Thomas’ Justice and Peace Studies program. It’s the right thing to do.

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Posted by Phoenix Woman on October 5, 2007

Look at those racist idiots brave and noble defenders of Western Civilization in the GOP! (And of course their fellow-traveller DINO allies.) They’re going to save us from the Scary Brown People by taking money away from the “sanctuary cities” — most of which just happen to be places like New York, LA and San Francisco, the three top urban hate objects on the religio-racist right’s hate list — that they think really aren’t punishing the Scary Brown People.

The problem is that their brilliant plans won’t work:

Because sanctuary-city opponents imagine the problem of non-cooperation as much bigger than it is, they may have inadvertently written their countermeasures so they apply to very few cities, if they apply to any at all.

The federal law that sanctuary cities are accused of breaking, the one that would trigger enforcement of the de-funding amendments proposed by Tancredo and Drake, is a specific section of the 1996 Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act, which says local jurisdictions may not restrict their officials from exchanging information with federal immigration authorities about a person’s immigration status. On the floor of the House, Rep. David Price, D-N.C., challenged Tancredo to provide an example of a city with policies that contravene that section. Tancredo could not, and in conversations with Salon, neither could Tancredo’s spokesman.

Perhaps that’s because there aren’t any. The OIG was also asked to look into the question of what jurisdictions violated that section. In its report, it said, “Only the City and County of San Francisco gave a qualified ‘yes’ in response to our queries about the existence of a local ordinance or a departmental policy limiting the ability of local law enforcement officers or agencies to exchange information with ICE relating to immigration enforcement,” but noted that certain exceptions to the city’s policies meant that it might not truly be in violation of the section.

Even statutes written more broadly, like Burton’s, might not hit any of their intended targets. Burton’s bill cuts funding from “any State, or political subdivision of a State, that is determined by the Secretary of Homeland Security to be interfering with efforts to enforce Federal immigration laws.” But in a September hearing of the House Homeland Security Committee, DHS Secretary Michael Chertoff, under questioning from Brown-Waite about sanctuary cities and the potential effect of bills like hers, said flatly, “I’m not aware of any city, although I may be wrong, that actually interferes with our ability to enforce the law.”

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