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The Christian Zionist movement

Posted by Charles II on October 5, 2007

Bill Moyers’s Journal entry, End Game in the Holy Land, will come as no surprise to anyone who follows the religious right. We are being sucked into conflict in the Middle East by religious zealots who imagine that their interpretation of the Apocalypse is more accurate than all the past failed interpretations.

But what really struck me was that Joe Lieberman called Pastor John Hagee a Moses.

Who knew Moses liked fried chicken so much?

9 Responses to “The Christian Zionist movement”

  1. whig said

    So Joe Lieberman has converted, then?

  2. Charles said

    It’s possible Hagee has converted, whig. I don’t recognize what Lieberman is doing as faithful to the tenets of Judaism, nor what Hagee is doing as faithful to the tenets of Christianity.

    Santeria, maybe.

  3. shrimplate said

    Unlike religious fundamentalists of various stripes, I do not believe in the coming of a literal “savior.” However, it seems possible and even very likely that a powerful and charismatic leader, a megalomaniacal psychopath, could persuade a great many people that Miltonian pandemonium is somehow in their best interests.

    If such people could restrain themselves and limit their doing to just amongst themselves; well, that would still be bad. For their children and all. But they should at least leave others out of it all.

    Let the violent end-timers and Wahhabis duke it out on an ice flow or some other neutral area while the rest of us get on with the real work.

  4. whig said

    Shrimplate, one reason I lay claim to my name (Michael) is to prospectively defuse such psychopathology. Besides, it’s my name. So nobody has to take me seriously unless they start going on with their eschatology, in which case I won’t let them immanentize it.

  5. Charles said

    I have long promoted the idea that world conflicts should be resolved by the leaders themselves duking it out in an enclosed stadium, with up to a quarter megaton weapon allowed.

    I have this idea that if death or serious injury to the leaders that cause conflict were a real possibility, fewer issues would be considered worth fighting over.

  6. whig said

    I believe we should all gather in together and smoke the peace pipe and talk. Much better than using nuclear weapons.

  7. Ah, but the leaders don’t go for that sort of thing, Whig. They’ve got too much death-lust. Since we can’t remove it, compel them to discharge it amongst themselves and leave the rest of us out of it.

  8. whig said

    So we’ll need to do a peaceful regime change or two along the way.

  9. whig said

    Isn’t that what democracy means?

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