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Posted by Phoenix Woman on October 5, 2007

Look at those racist idiots brave and noble defenders of Western Civilization in the GOP! (And of course their fellow-traveller DINO allies.) They’re going to save us from the Scary Brown People by taking money away from the “sanctuary cities” — most of which just happen to be places like New York, LA and San Francisco, the three top urban hate objects on the religio-racist right’s hate list — that they think really aren’t punishing the Scary Brown People.

The problem is that their brilliant plans won’t work:

Because sanctuary-city opponents imagine the problem of non-cooperation as much bigger than it is, they may have inadvertently written their countermeasures so they apply to very few cities, if they apply to any at all.

The federal law that sanctuary cities are accused of breaking, the one that would trigger enforcement of the de-funding amendments proposed by Tancredo and Drake, is a specific section of the 1996 Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act, which says local jurisdictions may not restrict their officials from exchanging information with federal immigration authorities about a person’s immigration status. On the floor of the House, Rep. David Price, D-N.C., challenged Tancredo to provide an example of a city with policies that contravene that section. Tancredo could not, and in conversations with Salon, neither could Tancredo’s spokesman.

Perhaps that’s because there aren’t any. The OIG was also asked to look into the question of what jurisdictions violated that section. In its report, it said, “Only the City and County of San Francisco gave a qualified ‘yes’ in response to our queries about the existence of a local ordinance or a departmental policy limiting the ability of local law enforcement officers or agencies to exchange information with ICE relating to immigration enforcement,” but noted that certain exceptions to the city’s policies meant that it might not truly be in violation of the section.

Even statutes written more broadly, like Burton’s, might not hit any of their intended targets. Burton’s bill cuts funding from “any State, or political subdivision of a State, that is determined by the Secretary of Homeland Security to be interfering with efforts to enforce Federal immigration laws.” But in a September hearing of the House Homeland Security Committee, DHS Secretary Michael Chertoff, under questioning from Brown-Waite about sanctuary cities and the potential effect of bills like hers, said flatly, “I’m not aware of any city, although I may be wrong, that actually interferes with our ability to enforce the law.”

2 Responses to “The Stupid! It BUUUURRRRNSSSS!”

  1. Charles said

    What could be better than legislation which addresses non-existent problems? It costs nothing to enforce, does not contribute to overcrowding of jails, and helps to ensure that incredibly stupid, xenophobic congressmen are not discriminated against by voters.

  2. A-yep.

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