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Blue tide rising

Posted by Charles II on October 7, 2007

This is the year to support Democrats in districts that are generally regarded as hopeless. The Republicans have lost their financial base. The wealthy are beginning to realize that the modern Republican party has endangered the foundation of their wealth and power.

Greg Sargent, TPM, summarizing Greg Giroux, Congressional Quarterly:


In the bank: $22.1 million

Debt: $3.1 million

Total: $19 million


In the bank: $1.6 million

Debt: $4 million

Total: -$2.4 million

Dems, $19 million; GOP, in the red.

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Himmelstein: Hillarycare sucks; also, Ehrlich on Iraq

Posted by Charles II on October 7, 2007

Flashpoints hosted David Himmelstein, associate professor at Harvard Medical, who offered scalding criticism of the Hillary Clinton’s health plan. He said it:

  • was first proposed by Richard Nixon in the 1970s
  • has failed in Massachusetts once and is again failing
  • keeps the insurance industry intact, but
  • doesn’t work as health/economic policy because it burdens employers and subsidizes the poor, without helping the middle class

He added a number of other points:

  • The original plan Hillaryproposed in 1993 weakened the post-WW II Democratic promise of universal healthcare and emboldened insurance companies to reject any regulation
  • There are tremendous incentives for healthcare companies and pharmaceutical companies to abuse
  • For profit hospitals cost more and deliver inferior healthcare
  • For profit hospitals have higher death rates
  • For profit nursing homes abuse their patients
  • Healthcare companies are the biggest donors to all campaigns, but especially Hillary’s
  • Medicare Part D is less efficient than the rest of Medicare
  • SCHIP was blocked by insurance industry. The SCHIP bill would have extended coverage to families up to 300% of poverty.
  • Before Canada implemented national health care, US and Canadian statistics were equivalent. Canada’s infant mortality fell and life expectancy rose after national health insurance, even as their health care costs fell.
  • We get 86 cents of care for each dollar of spending, but even much of that is misdirected. So, satisfaction in Canada is much higher.

On a separate day, there were interviews of Reese Ehrlich (author of The Iran Agenda) and Robery Parry on counterinsurgency and on US policy toward Iran. You can read Ehrlich on MoJo. One point he added in the Flashpoints interview is that the US is now helping the Taliban.

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Life in Bush’s America

Posted by MEC on October 7, 2007

Number of homeless families rises

Data from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development suggests there about 750,000 homeless in the nation on any given night, with about 40 percent of those members of homeless families, said Philip Mangano, director of the U.S. Interagency Council on Homelessness.

The overall number of homeless people is up from a few years ago, he said, but nobody can pinpoint an exact number of families because reporting requirements vary widely from state to state.

Recall that the Bush Administration and Congressional Republicans have been systematically undermining Section 8, the federal program that subsidizes housing costs for low-income families and individuals.

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It’s popcorn time at Oral Roberts U.

Posted by Charles II on October 7, 2007

Justin Juozapavicus (link on AOL), AP, reports that three professors are suining Oral Roberts University for wrongful termination, alleging that they were dismissed for refusing to work in political campaigns.

But you know lawsuits. They tend to bring out a number of tangentially-related matters. For example:

Lindsay Roberts, the president’s wife, sent hundreds of text message to “underage males” at 1-3AM.

“University and ministry employees are regularly summoned to the Roberts’ home to do the daughters’ homework.”

Lindsay Roberts billed the university tens of thousands for her clothes, saying that if she appeared once on them on TV, they were a deductible expense.

A stable of horses for the kiddies! 

The president’s daughter got a free trip to Orlando, FL and the Bahamas on the university airplane, billing ORU for “evangelism.”

In the last 14 years, the Roberts home was remodeled 11 times.

Last, and not least, the odious endtimer John Hagee is a regent of ORU.

Lord, rapture the hypocrites all away, and the earth will indeed be a paradise.

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