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Senator Shelby sought NSA information, raw FBI files to discredit opponents

Posted by Charles II on October 10, 2007

Jeff Stein, Congressional Quarterly, via Laura Rosen:

[Former CIA Director George] Tenet also wrote that, “National Security Agency officials told us that [Republican Senator Richard] Shelby staffers had been asking whether there was derogatory information in their communications intercepts on [Clinton CIA-nominee Anthony] Lake.”

But the NSA refused Shelby’s entreaties, two sources said, and there was no derogatory information in the FBI’s files.

Shelby also demanded, and got, the FBI’s raw files on Lake.

And Washington Democrats wonder why we’re suspicious of unregulated NSA/FBI wiretaps and other surveillance?

There’s also good stuff in the article about the delusional dreams of the Gosslings, cronies of CIA Director Porter Goss. Isn’t anyone in Washington sane?

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Through the Wurmhole

Posted by Charles II on October 10, 2007

Via Jim Lobe’s blog, a Torygraph interview with and blog entry on David Wurmser, formerly Cheney’s Middle East adviser.

In an interview with The Daily Telegraph, the first since he left government, he argued that the United States had to be prepared to attack both Syria and Iran to prevent the spread of Islamic fundamentalism and nuclear proliferation in the Middle East that could result in a much wider war.

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The horse’s mouthpiece

Posted by Charles II on October 10, 2007

(Via Avedon), Cernig has an interesting interview with Colonel Steve Boylan, press spokesman for General Petraeus.

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Going for broke

Posted by Charles II on October 10, 2007

Elizabeth Warren is a lady to be celebrated. A professor at Harvard Law, she has taken on issues of credit and bankruptcy. It’s thanks to her that we know just how central to bankruptcy medical insurance is.

You can watch her on SmartMoney TV, discussing how impossible credit card terms have become.

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