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Atlas smirked: Ayn Rand and the cult of self

Posted by Charles II on October 11, 2007

Leonard Doyle, London Independent:

But now she is back in fashion of a sort. Her theories have made inroads into academia. Objectivism is taught at more than 30 universities, with fellowships at several leading philosophy departments. The Ayn Rand Institute has a war chest of over $7m to promote her ideas and more than a million high school pupils are being given free copies of her novels to read.

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Bhutto’s Waziri fan club

Posted by Charles II on October 11, 2007

Syed Saleem Shahzad, Asia Times:

A dramatic sequence of events in Pakistan has grabbed global attention, but few have so far connected the dots between the hurried issuance of a National Reconciliation Ordinance on October 5 and the savage fighting that is currently raging in the North Waziristan tribal area.

The National Reconciliation Ordinance, issued by President-elect General Pervez Musharraf, grants immunity to current and former lawmakers who have been accused of corruption. It paves the way for a political settlement between Musharraf and former prime minister Benazir Bhutto, which is expected to result in a civilian-based consensus government after parliamentary elections in about three months' time.

The ordinance was issued just 24 hours before Musharraf’s reelection as president, yet only three days prior to the Musharraf-Bhutto deal, which is what the ordinance amounts to, Musharraf’s representatives had declined to accept Bhutto’s conditions.

And within 12 hours of Musharraf's reelection, he was commanding what has become the most bloody military operation against al-Qaeda and Taliban in North Waziristan. ...

The flames of Waziristan fires always reach Islamabad and Karachi. When Benazir Bhutto’s aircraft lands in Karachi on October 18, the battle of Waziristan will be reverberating there. The top commander of the Pakistani Taliban, Baitullah Mehsud, has already openly vowed to kill her, and a strong Taliban cell in Karachi is ready to perform the task.

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The end of the era of cowboy diplomacy is at hand

Posted by Charles II on October 11, 2007

And the beginning of the era of filibustering simple questions with tedious answers has begun.

On Olbermann, Hillary Clinton could not, in 25 words or less, answer the simple question of whether the example of the death threats directed against Graeme Frost might drive people out of politics.

Or 50 words or less.

Or 500 words or less. At least I think she ran this long. My BS meter overclocked and crashed midway through.  

She tells us that “the end of the era of cowboy diplomacy” is at hand but designated the Revolutionary Guard to be a terrorist organization to be opposed by military force.

On the geekier end of criticism: she says that American families have lost $1000 of income since Bushco set up shop, but that the prices of education, medical insurance, and so on have gone up.

Listen, ma’am, either you correct for inflation or you talk about price rises or you say that Bushco is miscalculating inflation. Correcting the median income for inflation and then talking about price rises is the kind of stuff Gingrich pulled. In other word, it makes no sense.

Al Gore couldn’t save us from global warming. He’s not going to save us from President Hillary’s hot air.

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We’re only running $650B/year on the credit card

Posted by Charles II on October 11, 2007


Via Brad Setser, the BEA announces that imports haven’t risen quiiiite as fast as exports, so the monthly trade balance is -$57.6B.  We’re on track for a current account deficit of $650-$700B/year.

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Spocko Asks A Question

Posted by Phoenix Woman on October 11, 2007

Namely, What Happens The Day After They Spill Blood?

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Happy Anniversary, Bill and Hillary!

Posted by MEC on October 11, 2007

Today is the Clintons’ 32nd wedding anniversary.

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An Observation

Posted by Phoenix Woman on October 11, 2007


I’ve noticed lately that many of the Muslim women who have emigrated to Minnesota from Somalia like to wear designer jeans and nicely-tailored pantsuits similar to what the Iranian women in this photo are wearing.  This is because while short skirts are generally frowned upon as immodest by most Muslims, trousers and jeans are perfectly OK as the flesh is covered.  (Here’s a catalog of clothes for Muslim women that includes trousers and pant suits that would be suitable for the most elegant occasions.)  This is a novel and welcome way of looking at things, as Western culture had long held — up until a few decades ago — that trousers can only be male attire, and some people still get their undies in a bunch whenever Hillary Clinton dares appear in public wearing pants.

As someone whose working career was just getting started when John “Dress for Success” Molloy ordered all women in white-collar jobs to Wear Skirts Or Else, I applaud the idea that Muslim women may be helping their non-Muslim sisters in the West to escape The Tyranny Of The Nylons.

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