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Please, sir, may I have a bowl of rights?

Posted by Charles II on October 15, 2007

Via Naomi Wolf, firedogging it, The American Freedom Campaign:

The American Freedom Campaign Agenda
At critical moments in our history, Americans have been called upon to protect our Constitutional guarantees of liberty and justice. We face such a moment today. The American Freedom Campaign is a non-partisan citizens’ alliance formed to reverse the abuse of executive power and restore our system of checks and balances with these ten goals:

Fully restore the right to challenge the legality of one’s detention, or habeas corpus, and the right of detained suspects to be charged and brought to trial.

Prohibit torture
and all cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment.

Prohibit the use of secret evidence.

Prohibit the detention of anyone, including U.S. citizens, as an “enemy combatant”
outside the battlefield, and on the President’s say-so alone.

Prohibit the government from secretly breaking and entering our homes, tapping our phones or email, or seizing our computers without a court order, on the President’s say-so alone.

Prohibit the President from “disappearing” anyone
and holding them in secret detention.

Prohibit the executive from claiming “state secrets”
to deny justice to victims of government misdeeds, and from claiming “executive privilege” to obstruct Congressional oversight and an open government.

Prohibit the abuse of signing statements, where the President seeks to disregard duly enacted provisions of bills.

Use the federal courts, or courts-martial, to charge and prosecute terrorism suspects, and close Guantanamo down.

Reaffirm that the Espionage Act does not prohibit journalists
from reporting on classified national security matters without fear of prosecution.

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  1. Oh, those Golden Rights! Oh, those Golden Rights!

    (Ahem. Sorry!)

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