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This Is Interesting

Posted by Phoenix Woman on October 19, 2007

When the RNC made Mel Martinez their chair less than a year ago, the scuttlebutt was that it was so that he’d be the guy they could blame for when the Republicans tanked horrifically in ’08.

Looks like Mel Martinez doesn’t want to play that game:

Mel Martinez, the public face of the Republican National Committee as its general chairman, announced Friday he was stepping down from his post after serving only 10 months.

Aside from being scapegoat material, he pulled double duty as the token Hispanic in an alleged ‘leadership’ role, though his actual role was as window dressing:

Martinez has shared the chairmanship with Mike Duncan, a longtime RNC official who has been responsible for the party’s day-to-day operations. Republican officials say with Martinez’ departure, the RNC will return to a traditional leadership structure with a single chairman.

President Bush named Martinez, a prominent Hispanic who previously served in the Cabinet, as general chairman last November.

He had been reluctant to assume the role and did so only after repeated White House overtures. When he accepted the job, he had indicated to friends that he anticipated serving only about a year in the post.

The first-term senator was brought on to be the face of the party, focusing on fundraising, outreach and travel to promote the GOP agenda.

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