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Wednesday Afternoon News Roundup

Posted by Phoenix Woman on October 24, 2007


“Supply-side economics” and “the Laffer Curve” were long ago shown to be bogus lies, but most of the mainstream press is too lazy, ignorant, bought off or cowed to dare mention this on a basis that would be frequent enough to make Republicans embarrassed to embrace these lies.

— Paul Slansky enumerates the many reasons why Pete Stark was absolutely right about George W. Bush.

Chris Dodd:  Real American.  That is all.

Glenn Beck, hating on San Diego fire victims.  Stay classy, Glenn!

4 Responses to “Wednesday Afternoon News Roundup”

  1. I should think that a bogus lie is something that purports to be a lie but is not one.

  2. Why should the truth purport to be a lie, Mr. H.?

  3. MEC said

    Arthur: “Picky, picky, picky.”

    (Nice to see you here!)

  4. Kinda like Old Home Week, isn’t it? ;-)

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