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Hastert out

Posted by Charles II on October 27, 2007

Via ILoatheBush at the Allspinzone Forum:

Hastert Likely to Announce Resignation

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Antibacterial clays

Posted by Charles II on October 27, 2007

Paul Rodgers, London Independent: 

Scientists have been searching for new antibiotics to replace penicillin, methicillin and their relatives but until now have had only limited success. Agricur's discovery could lead to a whole class of antibiotics to which bugs such as MRSA have no resistance, according to scientists.

Dr Lynda Williams and Dr Shelley Haydel of Arizona State University will present the results of their research on agricur and other clays to the Geological Society of America's annual meeting in Denver tomorrow.

"We have found several antibacterial clays," said Dr Williams, a mineralogist who is trying to work out the chemicals that make them special. "We have multiple working hypotheses. Our primary hypothesis is that the clay minerals transfer elements, not yet identified, to the bacteria that impede their metabolic function.

"It is entirely possible that it is not one single element that is toxic to the bacteria, but a combination of elements and chemical conditions that attack the bacteria from different angles so as to overwhelm their defence systems," she said.

Another possibility, less likely but potentially more significant, is that the clays work through a physical rather than a biochemical process. In that case, bacteria might never develop resistance.

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Saturday Morning News Roundup

Posted by Phoenix Woman on October 27, 2007


 Courtesy of AlterNet, some big stories you won’t see on TV or in the papers:

— A particularly vile war profiteer, David H. Brooks, gets taken down

— The organizing of the service industry and how it gave one young woman hope for the future.

— Even as neocon Islamophobes like Daniel Pipes and David Horowitz stir up anti-Muslim bigotry, they and their buddies at FOX News and other conservative propaganda outlets have for years been cuddling up to these truly nasty terrorists, the Mujahedeen-e Khalq (MEK).

— Paul Krugman on the symbiotically sick relationship between the GOP and the media that does their bidding.

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