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The backed-in-a-corner frame

Posted by Charles II on October 29, 2007

“Spengler” has an interesting article in ATimes. I think he’s wrong about the US being in a box when it comes to Iran, and I think the greater danger is the formation of alliances between Russian and China and Iran, but Spengler’s framing of Rafsanjani suggests another angle on the rush to war:

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The United States government would like to welcome you…

Posted by Charles II on October 29, 2007

…to Canada.

Ed Pilkington, The Guardian:

Welcome: Portraits of America, a new seven-minute film produced by Disney, will be shown in airports and embassies to woo visitors with a sanitised take on US landmarks. There are no shots of highways clogged with cars bumper to bumper. Instead, the camera pans over the wonders of the Grand Canyon, New York’s Chrysler building and the awe-inspiring power of the Niagara Falls.

But wait a minute. What falls are these? They don’t seem to resemble the Bridal Veil Falls that stand on the US side of the border. They do, however, look distinctly like the Horseshoe Falls, the immense curtain of water shrouded in mist that is the stock image of Niagara and lies almost entirely inside Canada.


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State Department Drafts Diplomats for Iraq

Posted by MEC on October 29, 2007

For some reason, the State Department doesn’t have enough employees volunteering to work in Baghdad. So they’re going to force people to accept one-year postings.

In what is likely to be an unpopular move with staff, State Department human resources director Harry Thomas said about 250 “prime candidates” for vacant Iraqi posts would be notified on Monday of the decision.


“We have all taken an oath to serve our country and so if someone decides they do not want to go, then we would then consider appropriate actions,” Thomas said in a conference call with reporters.

“We have many options, including dismissal from the foreign service,” added Thomas, who returned on Thursday from a visit to Iraq where he assessed staffing needs for next year.

How many skilled and experienced diplomats will resign because they’re not suicidal?

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Michigan’s proud tradition of white supremacism continues

Posted by Charles II on October 29, 2007


Former GOP Presidential nominee, Henry Ford, receives the Grand Cross of the German Eagle from Fritz Hailer (Detroit consul) and Karl Kapp (Cleveland consul) in 1938. From Blood in the Face, p. 42, James Ridgeway, Thunder’s Mouth Press, 1990.

From Inside HigherEd, via Rick Perlstein at

At Michigan State University Friday, Nick Griffin, the leader of the British National Party who was convicted in 1998 for incitement of racial hatred over material denying the Holocaust, was brought to campus for a speech denouncing Islam. Griffin acknowledges having been a Holocaust denier, but says he no longer is one.

His party is on record opposing black-white marriages, believing that black people are less intelligent than white people, and saying that ethnic minorities should be limited to 2-3 percent of the population of any given area in Britain.

Griffin was invited to Michigan State by the campus chapter of Young Americans for Freedom.

Plus ca change….

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This Is Amazing

Posted by Phoenix Woman on October 29, 2007

Even as Tom Tancredo announces that he’s not running for reelection to his Congressional seat, presumably so he can kick up up his presidential campaign a notch to pick up the Brownback bigot vote that’s been abandoned now that Sammy’s been cuddling up to Rudy in the apparent hope of getting a VP slot, we have this news out in the hinterlands:

WILLMAR — Sen. Joe Gimse said he’d like to see Minnesota offer worker ID cards to illegal immigrants.Doing so would allow “hard-working” undocumented immigrants who are already living here to get “out of the shadows” and work at businesses that need, and want, them.

The Willmar Republican said employer-sponsored identification cards would remove the “criminal aspect” of being here to work.

It would also reduce identity theft because illegal immigrants could use their own identity to get a job legitimately while they work toward becoming legal citizens.

“They’re working hard in our state and we need them here,” Gimse said. “My hope is that this eliminates a lot of the need for illegal activity.”

This is shockingly sane and humane, considering that Gimse’s an anti-gay, anti-choice guy. So far, he hasn’t got any real flames for doing this.  In the meantime, his position is eminently saner than that of Dick Day, the state’s most prominent Republican “elder statesman”, who is trying to dislodge Tim Walz by playing the bigot card.

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Hey, Well At Least They’re (Almost) Consistent

Posted by Phoenix Woman on October 29, 2007

Wingnuts were faced with a choice last week: Bash Laura Bush for being polite and wearing a burka while in her host country, or accept that they are hypocrites for bashing Nancy Pelosi but not Laura Bush (or Condi Rice, for that matter) for this ‘crime’.

While I’ve yet to hear of anyone bashing Condi for burkaing, the wingers have apparently realized that Laura’s husband isn’t running for office again, so the knives have started to come out.

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Trick or treat?

Posted by Charles II on October 29, 2007

Euro breaks 1.44. This level might not hold if the Fed decides to hold rates, which would also cause a modest market correction. If the Fed does 50 basis points (0.5%), the dollar will take another beating and oil will rise.

We’re not only not in Kansas anymore, I doubt the locals speak any human language.

via Barry Ritholtz, The Hindenburg Omen

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